Math Class

Chapter 6 of Head in the clouds

Pinkone200 by Pinkone200

It was a week after Emma and James date. They were officially a couple. Logan and Carlyn were going out. Julianna was so jealous she was skipping book club. But the one class they all had together was Math class. “Students get in pairs of two and write a report on why you love math class.” said Mr.Snape. “what about how much we hate it.” Whispered Logan “then it would be a whole book.” commented James. everyone chuckled quietly and got in partners. james with logan, Emma with Carlyn and Chrissie with Julianna. " I really hate her and snape, She tried to get in the way of Jemma!" said Carlyn. " whats with you and ship names first Jemma now Larlyn!" explained Emma. " I have a thing with ship names" said Carlyn as she looked back at julianna. As Julianna drank some water, Emma and Carlyn were having some fun. “When some one messes with jemma they get burned.” said Carlyn as she burned julianna. “OWW, first Emma takes James away from me and now this!” shouted Julianna. Emma and Carlyn chuckled as Emma made a water tornado hit Julianna. " AHHHH! OH come on, thats it im going to the office." yelled Julianna. " The 5 page essay is due tomorrow, you are all dismissed." said Snape. “Hey Emma, want to go to the fro yo place after school?” asked James. " Sure, See you later Carlyn." Julianna did not go to the office, She went to her house to plan. " Soon Emma will be no more, After i turn her evil the dark fairies will rule the world with me as there leader!" screamed Julianna.

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