Midnight Flight

Chapter 22 of Head in the clouds

Pinkone200 by Pinkone200

“Plot twist!” yelled James. Emma and Carlyn scowled at him. “To soon?” asked James taking a step back. “well little pup, these your friends?” said Justin looking down on his brother. “Your not supposed to be in this realm.” growled teddy with teeth baring. “Well I got out, with some tricks up my sleeve.” said Justin eyeing the girls. “Oh yeah? what might that be?” said Teddy holding his ground. “Lets just say, an old family recipe.” said Justin as his friends behind him laughed stupidly. Teddy looked nervous and backed up. “That’s right, they ain’t fairies, they are mind benders.” grinned Justin. “Actually, you are using inappropriate grammar.” Said Carlyn stepping out from behind Teddy. “Ain’t actually means am not and you are using it in the wrong context, because-” “Carlyn!” yelled Teddy, Emma and James as they pulled her back. Carlyn looked annoyed but decided not to object. “So ether hand over dictionary and mop top or we take them by force.” said Justin. Emma looked insulted and went sprinting but teddy and James tried to hold her back. “What did you just call me, hot shot?” yelled Emma trying to sprint at Justin. He only laughed, bright blue wings grew and little lightning bolts were on his wings. He merely nodded and his friends came charging at Emma and Carlyn. Emma and Carlyn both sprinted and jumped to get their wings. “careful, if they touch you then they have control.” shouted Teddy. He turned into a sparrow and soared into the sky while James launched into the nightly breeze. Justin shot electricity at the four as fire and water came at him. Justin fell to the ground as his friends helped him up and his wings vanished. “so, you all are fairies. what are the odds!” he yelled and stared down at the group of four. Justin whispered to his friends and ran off. “We are champions!” yelled Emma giving Teddy a pat on the shoulder. “looks like slick wasn’t that good after all.” grinned Emma in triumph. “yeah!” squealed Carlyn giving Teddy a hug. But Meanwhile… “I don’t understand how you mess up something so easy!” yelled Kailyn in disgust. “Well its not my fault! Why do you want these fairies so badly anyway?” asked Justin in a bored tone. “Isn’t it obvious? we get the four, take Emma’s wings which takes her powers, and with her friends out of the way the sunny side is mine!” yelled Kailyn. “but a deal is a deal, if i help I get Emma and Carlyn when your done.” said Justin seriously. “fine fine, but I will have Teddy.” grinned Kailyn. “But what about James?” asked Justin innocently. “We are going to kill him you fool!” screamed Kailyn annoyed.

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