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***************** + Jayla Vacation”

Chapter 7 of The Life Of Princeton’s Sister (Ray Ray Love Story)

xImDaQueenx by xImDaQueenx

( Princeton’s POV )
Prodigy: Disney World! (Runs off bus with Roc Royal & Ray Ray following behind)
Princeton: WAKE UP! (Shaking Jayla)
Jayla: I’m awake. (Mumbles)
Princeton; Wake up! (Still shaking Jayla)
Jayla: I’m awake. (Mumbles again)
Princeton: GET YO LITTLE a$$ UP! (Shaking her real fast)
Jayla: (Jumps up and says) DMNIT JACOB! I SAID I’M AWAKE!
Princeton: You didn’t call me Jakey, yay!
Jayla: Hm!
Princeton: Love ya too, now come on everybody waiting.
Jayla: Ugh! You are so crazy.
Princeton: Okay whatever, let’s just go.
Prodigy: Boo!
Jayla; Wooooow, that’s not even scary.
Princeton: It’s true, she be scared of nothing.
Jayla: Yep, that’s right, I’m Jayla Un-surprise-able Perez.
Ray Ray: (About to try to scare her)
Jayla: (Turns around and says) Don’t even try Ray Ray.
Prodigy: Dmn!
Princeton: Uh people, where is Roc?
Prodigy: Yea, where is he?
Everybody: (Looks at Ray Ray)
Ray Ray: Why ya’ll looking at me for?
Prodigy: You were the one with him.
Ray Ray: I ain’t babysitting him!
Prodigy: What a shame.
Jayla: What?
Prodigy: First of all, he isn’t a baby and isn’t it child abuse to sit on kids.
Princeton: OH MY F***ING GOSH PROD!
Jayla: Are you okay Prodigy?
Prodigy: Yes, why?
Jayla: Because seem a little stupider than usual.
Prodigy: HEY!
Jayla: Don’t “hey” me! You the one who thinks babysitting means you sit on babies.
Ray Ray: Found him! He’s over there flirting with that girl.
Jayla: Cymphonique is here?
Princeton: No! But he wishes she was. Now sh, he’s coming over so act like didn’t see anything.
Jayla: Don’t tell me what to- (cut off)
Roc Royal: Hey people!
Everybody: Hey.
Roc Royal: This is Myra.
Everybody: Wassup Myra?!
Myra: Hello everybody.
Princeton: What happened to Cymp- (Cut off)
Jayla: (Smacks him) shut up
Princeton: Ow.
Myra: Well, I got to go. I’ll see ya’ll later.
Everybody: Bye.
Myra: Bye. (Smiles, waves, and walks off)
Roc Royal: (Punches Princeton’s arm)
Princeton: OW! Does everybody think they can just hit for no common reason.
Jayla + Roc Royal: Yes!
Princeton: Dang, what I do?
Roc Royal: Well, you just … you tell hum Jay.
Jayla: Obviously because … tell him Prodigy.
Prodigy: Uhhhh …
Ray Ray: Because you almost ruined Roc’s chance with Myra by almost saying Cymphonique’s name!
Jayla + Roc Royal: Right!
Jayla: Oh yeah! Rockyboo gots a crush. Rockyboo gots a crush. (She Teases)
Roc Royal: You know what… I will… You…
Jayla: Okaaaay?
?: Excuse me, sorry but you’re *****************, aren’t you?
*****************: Yes we are!
?: Hi (Smiles) My name is Amber. I just got here and I saw you and figured I come over here and say hi.
Princeton: Hi, I’m Princeton aka Prince
Roc Royal: Hello, I’m Roc Royal aka Roc.
Jayla: Nice to meet you, i’m Jayla aka Jay.
Ray ray: Sup, I’m Ray. Aka Ray Ray.
Prodigy: (Just staring at her)
Everybody except Amber: Prodigy!
Prodigy: Oh! I’m Prodigy.
Amber: Hi everyone, i got to go but nice to meet ya’ll and see ya… Maybe.
Everybody: Bye.
Amber: (Walks away)
Jayla: Prodigy in loooove. Prodigy gots a crush. Prodigy gots a crush. (Teases)
Prodigy: Will you sh?!
Jayla: No!
Princeton: Daang!
Ray Ray: This place is huge!
Jayla: Good job Roc.
Roc Royal: Thank you.
Prodigy: This place got a friggen door bell.
Jayla: Princeton, come here.
Princeton: Why?
Jayla: Just come here.
Jayla: Do you remember what condo number this is?
Princeton: Yeah, its 6909, why?
Jayla: Princeton! Just think of the number 6909, what’s the first thing you think of, that pops in your little selfless mind.
Princeton: Hey!
Jayla: Just do it.
Princeton: 6909 ………. 6909 ….. Ooooh! 6909! How didn’t I realize that? This our place …
Jayla: Mom, she was here 3 years ago.
Princeton: But how did- (Cut off)
?: Hey Jayla.
Jayla: What the h8ll are you doing here?
Princeton: Alix?
Alix: Hi.

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