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******************love part 17

Chapter 17 of Whats love got to do with it? {** story}

mzplatnom by mzplatnom

i walked out of the resturant as i was walking jaden poped up jj-HEY KAT! me-hey jaden wht r you doing here? jj-im here to see you.me-why we broke up. jj-um i dont think so the last thing i remimber was that ray punched me and i neaver seen you since. me- well we are OVER! jj-oh no i dont think so. he grabbed me by my arm tight and walk me to his car. me-GET OFF OF ME! i slaped him in his face he just trew me in the back of the car i was yelling at him and hitting him the whole time! in the car i put my phone on vibratejuss in case. [rayrays pov] dang she still loves me i ran after to only see a car drive away. i got worried so i called her.(on the phone) rr-hello kat you ok?! k-jaden where are you takeing me?! rr-kat whats going on! jj-you will see. when we got there we was at this hotel and we went to room 217
he trew me on the bed i still had the phone. me-so this is what room 217 look like at the Burj Al Arab Hotel. jj- why are you saying that? me-CUZ I CAN! jaden riased his hand and hit me. me-OH NO DA HELL YOU DIDNT PUT YO HANDS ON ME *****! jj- and what you gonna do about it….. i thought so! me-this ant ova *****! i started throwing chairs lamp books ect. and he just keep on hitting me when will he learn? we just keep going at it finally i did not have any thing to throw! oh no i was ready for em i took off my belt jj-ok so you learning you getting ready for me! me-yea hold on im juss going to the bathroom to get ready! i went to the bathroom and drew him a warm bath i put baby oil and powder on my belt then i pluged in the radio. me-baby come in! jaden walked in and smiled i took off my rob and smiled a slightly evil smile get in hun ima make you feel great! he got im and relaxed as the radio was still playing i picked up the radio. jj-um kat hunny what are you doing with that?! i smiled and droped the pluged in radio in the warter. jaden got electrifed and jumped out the warter i grabbed my belt and started whiping his BUTT!
after the beatting
me-lol i just whooped yo a** XD! me-and if you say a word about this ill KILL YOU AND THATS A PROMISE! i left the room and took my phone.[rayrays pov] i ran in the resturant guys i think kats in troble i called her and head her and jaden and jaden was beating her. dd-WHAT oh naw ima whoop dat ***** a** like no tommorow! [my pov] my dress was ripped up and bloody now. i feel like im all alone on holloween night! i walked in the restuarant mad as ever! rr-WHAT HAPPENED WHERE JADEN I BEAT HIM DOWN! me-oh dont try to look manly now you knew where i was and what was going down and you never came to help me so i saved myself i got on stage agian this time i was going to embarss him.
dd&i-we still friends RIGHT! me-naw im out peace! i left and went to my hotel room to get ready for my photo shoot.

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