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******************love story 7

Chapter 7 of ******************love story

mindless-forroc12 by mindless-forroc12

Mady’s POV
After rehearsal me and Prodigy went to me and the girl’s bus and the bus driver drove us to the ice cream shop. We talked during the ride since it was like 30 minutes. Then Prodigy picked up the “Love Log” and started asking questions
Prodigy:whats this
Mady:oh nothing
Prodigy:can I read it
Mady:no you cant
Prodigy:why not
Mady:because you cant
Prodigy:ok but why is it called “Love Log”
Mady:oh my gosh just read it
Prodigy:ok wow you wrote down when I asked you out
Mady:ok thats enough reading now
Prodigy:ok ok
Mady:look we’re here
Prodigy:ok great

Jordin’s POV
Me and Roc decided to stay at the studio since one bus was full and the other one was gone. We walked around holding hands and talking. It was really fun.
Roc Royal:so how you liking the tour so far
Jordin:its nice
Roc Royal:yeah you get tired during rehearsals and sometimes during the show but its always super fun
Jordin:yeah and the best part is Im choreoghraphing
Roc Royal:yeah thats cool you’re a really good dancer
Jordin:thanks you are too
Roc Royal:so you told me that you and the other girls are in your own music group
Jordin:yeah we do a little something
Roc Royal:is that little something good
Jordin:a lot of our friends back home say we were pretty good
Roc Royal:maybe you should show Keisha something
Jordin:no I cant we would be to scared
Roc Royal:well if you’re too scared then maybe I can try to talk to her
Jordin:you would
Roc Royal:sure but you do have to show her something
Jordin:we would just be to scared to talk to her showing her will be fine
Roc Royal:ok I’ll talk to her
Jordin:(jumps up and hugs him) thank you thank you thank you
Roc Royal:wow you’re welcome
Rayven’s POV
After reahearsals me and Prince went to him and the boys bus to hang out. We watched tv and listened to music and just had fun.
Rayven:so you like to cook
Princeton:yeah a little
Princeton:what about you
Rayven:yeah all the time
Princeton:what do you like to cook
Rayven:a lot of stuff
Princeton:me too
Rayven:I made breakfast for the girls this morning, well i made them bowls of cereal but sometimes I do make them breakfast
Princeton:I did too this morning
Rayven:maybe one day we can cook for everyone together
Princeton:that would be nice

After rehearsals everyone went to go do something so I decided to do a little skateboarding. But I wasnt that much focused on my skateboarding but on RayRay. He had gone for a walk. I was wondering if he still liked me. I was starting to like him. Who am I kidding I’ve always liked him. I think I should ask him out myself. I grabbed my skateboard and headed the way RayRay had walked. When I finally saw him I saw him with a girl. I figured they had just met so they were only talking. But the girl was laughing and acting like they were more so I just played it cool.
KJ:um hey RayRay
RayRay:oh hey KJ
KJ:listen I have to talk to you about something can we go back to the buses
Girl:excuse me he’s with his girlfriend right now
KJ:his girlfriend
RayRay:yeah um KJ this is an old friend from L.A. her name is Kiara and I just asked her to be my girlfriend
KJ:oh ok
Kiara:yeah I’ll be on tour with you guys
RayRay:so maybe we can talk later KJ
KJ:no nevermind its not that important anymore
RayRay:ok I’ll see you later
KJ:ok bye
I skated past them trying to hold back tears of hurt. Maybe me and him just weren’t meant to be.

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