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******************Love Story-(A new beginning) Chapter 14

Chapter 14 of ******************Love Story-(A new Beginning )

ProdsWifey by ProdsWifey

Rocs POV : I reached Myas house and called her to come downstairs, and not a minute later she opened the door.“Wow umm damn”.I said while starring at her body in her bikini, she giggled at my reaction.I then came inside and sat down on her couch, as she went upstairs.“Are you almost done”?,I yelled to her, “Yup”.She yelled back, she then came downstairs and went over to the couch with some short shorts on and a tank top.“Aww what happened to your bikini?”I said sadly to her as I standed up,“Its under my clothes Roc”.She said while moving closer to me so are bodies were touching.“Oh so when we get to the beach, your gonna strip for me?”I said while raising my eye brows and smiling.She then got close to my ear and whispered “Maybe”.She then pulled back, this girl was teasing me.I shook my head and smirked as she pulled my arm and we left out the house.
Princetons POV: Me and Mikkkey was having fun, It was just me and her in the house, and I was enjoying every last second of it.She then standed up from couch,“Im hungry got something to eat?”,she said while rubbing her stomach.“Yeah sure.”I said while standing up.I then picked her up bridal style and brung her in the kitchen and I sat her down on the counter. "Lets see, what do we have “?,I said while looking in the fridge,”Aah here were go.“I pulled out some strawberries and whip cream from the fridge.I then went over to the counter and standed between her legs.”You want me to feed you?"I asked while eating a strawberry, “Mhmm”, she said while laughing.I then got another strawberry from the container and fed it to her. When she bit into it some of the juice squirted on her chin,“Ohh let me get that”.I said while grinning, I then licked the strawberry juice off her chin slowly, causing her to tilt her head back and close her eyes.I then started to kiss on her neck slowly,“umm Princeee”, She moaned, “Yes”.I mumbled still kissing on her neck.“Im not hungry any more”.She said while pushing me and getting off the counter.“Okay”.I said in a sad tone.“Aww Princey wants him Mikkkey”.She said while running her hands down her body,“Nope”.I said while putting my head up, knowing damn well I did.She then moved close to me and whispered in my ear"Ok I guess you dont, and Ill make sure you wont".She whispered and slightly brushing her lips on my neck causing my body to shiver.She then ran to the couch and sat back down.This girl was teasing me, I then smirked and went back over to the couch and layed down with her.

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