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******************love story chapter 51 part 1

Chapter 51 of ******************love story

swaggeronMINDLESS by swaggeronMINDLESS

this might be kind short! im EXTREMELYYY BUSY! but i had to take some time to write for ya’ll! (:
ray ray’s POV

Zendaya and I were laying on her bed and she was begging me to get with her…Im torn…. I mean part of me is still going out with unique..she never really broke up with me but Its just complicated..next thing I know zendaya’s lips are touching mine and we start going at it…I pull her down on top of me and we start to make out… I start to think “what am I doing?!?” I push zendaya off of me and I sit up

Me: Z…i gotta go..

z: im sorry ray!

me: yeah, so i’ll talk to you later then..

z: okay thanks for coming

we hug..

me: oh yea, no problem…

z: bye

me: bye

i walked out her bedroom and walked to my car. i slammed the door shut and hit my steering wheel.. i laid my head on the steering wheel and sighed…

me: F***!

i start the car and back out the driveway…i drive back to the house and go straight to my room…

The Next Day

Prodigy’s POV

i was on TMZ checking to see if their was any gossip going on about shyanna…i was scrolling and was about to exit out when i saw a headline……“Diggy Simmon’s car trashed!” my eyes got wide and i begun to read…

“Rapper, Diggy Simmons’s car was found totaled in the parking lot of an olive garden. Simmons was caught leaving the resturant with the singer/actress Shyanna Thompson. When simmons and his fellow “lady item” discovered his car they were in shock as the paparazzi snapped a couple shots. the car was in pretty bad condition. a tire was slashed.. the body of the car was dent in various places…Thompson, however suggested to have a servilence camera checked..accusations were to be made but the security of olive garden was not able to show them any video….out of luck for diggster but lucky him..his father, Run DMC can whip out that doo and replace it"

my heart jumped right out my chest and on to the floor. if shyanna finds out its me….man shes gonna hate me…i jumped up and and ran into princeton’s room….

me: prince!!
prince: what, man

princeton opens the door then sits on his bed

prince: whats up?

me: have you heard what happened to diggy?

prince: his car? aww man h*ll yeah (chuckling) that sh*t was all kinds of f*cked up!!….damnn bro who ever did that sh*t is f*cked up like diggy’s a*s was fish grease HOT!

me: um….i did it

prince: what!!

me: i did it okay!! i f*cked up his car and i regret it!

prince: why!! whats wrong with you man!

me: its shyanna!, his trying to steal her from me!! i dont know..i-i get so jealous (begins to grit teeth) i just get so MAD!

i get up and punch the wall then i lean on it

prince: AYE! chill out bro, my nirvana autograph is on this wall!…..you really need help!

me: no….i dont! i need shyanna

prince: man cut that sh*t out okay? you need to help yourself before you get her back because your unstable and you have problems!

me: im really trying….

prince: just go talk to her and apologize to diggy….

me: thanks man..

i walked to the door then turned around after hearing princeton’s voice speak again

prince: and another thing…..dont. you. EVER. touch/hit/slap/ or kick my wall EVER again!

me: (chuckling) shrub!

i get dressed and head over to shyanna’s house….

  • at shyanna’s house"

“ding dong”

shy: hey!……prod?

me: hey shy…uh um nice to see you

shy: yeah, uh what are you doing here?

me: we need to talk….

shyanna looks behind her then back towards me…

shy: right now?….uh nows not a good time..

i was about to talk when diggy came up behind shyanna, he kissed her neck then stood at the door..

diggy: (wrapping hands around shyanna’s waist talking into her neck) why’d you leave?

shy: dig…..

diggy looks at me then backs off shyanna a little

diggy: hey prod!

me: ……dont f*cking “hey prod” me!

diggy: um what?


shy: ooooh kayy! so diggy, why dont you go get lunch started and i’ll be there to help you..

diggy eyes me then he walks away…to the kitchen im guessing. Shyanna steps outside and closes the door behind her..

shy: what the f*** is your problem!!

me: HIM! you were in the middle of f*cking around with him so i’ll just go!

shy: nobody was even f*cking! what are you talking about?

me: okay well, why is over then!?

shy: thats nun of your business prod!….just drop it okay? dammn what do you want anyway?

me: i came here to tell you i need you back shyanna f*cking thompson! but instead i got a big A*S stab in the heart!!! seeing some other dude kissing on you!!

shy: dont worry about what he does!

me: hes messing with me!

shy: i think you head is messing with you!

me: you know what! have fun with diggy! (tears rolling) his much better huh? he didnt f*** up somebody’s car!

shy: (gasped) you did that!??

me: (angry tears) yeah! …..and i regret it! im losing my mind shy! i cant hold myself together anymore…im falling apart im having an emotional break down…i need help

shy: (about to cry) prod….im im sorry but i cant help you….your dangerous, you scare me!!

shyanna opens the door.

me: no shy, please!! im begging you to take me back…i will get help! i was high when i did it! i-….please…

shyanna’s eyes were felled with tears she blinked and they burst out of her eyelids. she shakes her head then steps inside and closes the door..i bang on the door and yell!


minutes later the door opened and diggy was standing there…

diggy: ight man, i get it but your hurting shyanna…if you loved her you would leave..

angry overcame me and i lost my mind once again…..i swung at diggy and knock him right in the face..we begin fighting…shyanna is screaming and yelling…..

shy: DIGGY! …… PROD STOP!!!

OMG! theres blood!! ……..

shy: AHHHHHHHH!!!!

ight i know ya’ll think prod is crazy! but you’ll see whats happening and everything will work out!! haha but anyway 7+ comments for part 2 (different ppl ;p ) muahh-devin

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