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******************Love Story – Love Hurts Chapter 9

Chapter 9 of ******************Love Story – Love Hurts


Alex POV

These past 2 weeks have been great! Me and Roc have been getting to know each other very well. We oovoo chat every day. We go out on date or just hang out around each others houses. I haven’t told ricky. I don’t think I will. I wouldn’t say it’s dating because were best friends but I’m gonna admit I have fallen for Roc. I mean. He treats me so right and he’s such a sweethart. To be honest. Anyone i the world is better than Ricky. I really hope he don’t find out otherwise………………………………I dont even kno but it will be bad.

Alex POV

Paris POV***

OMG!! I can’t believe it. Princeton and me are super close now. Were like inbetween the lines of dating and very close friends. I mean there was the odd ocasions were we nearly kissed but that was it. He’s a really good.

Paris POV***

Floann POV****

Prodigy and Ibare offcially dating. Yes! were going out. We was meant to be. We kissed on the 1st date. I felt something and so did he. My dream just came true!

Floann POV****

Sharice POV*****

Me and Ray are like bro and sis. We argue, we hang out, we do each others hair, everything. It’s so much fun. I had to delete my twitter though. I was getting hate mail from TM and girls in my school but i didnt care because i spend so much time with ray it doesn’t seem to bother me.

Sharice POV*****

>>>>>Sharice and Ray’s Date <<<<<

Ray: (covers Sharice’s face) were nearly there

Sharice: Where are we going?

Ray: You’ll see soon and you’l love it. 3-2-1 open (lifts hands off her face) tah dah !

Sharice: (looks and see taco bell) How did i know you’ll take me there

Ray: Because i love tacos

Sharice: obviously (grabs hand) lets go in shall we?

Ray: Yeah (both walk in)

(both sit at table)

Waitress: Good afternoon can I take your order?

>>>>>Alex and Ricky’s house<<<<<

Alex: Hey Ricky , I’m going out with the girls today

Ricky: I’m coming too. I don’t know why your going out so much so now i wanna see.

Alex: (huffs) okay

(Alex POV: why the **** is this guy coming? Can’t you see I’m tryna get away from you? POV ended)

(Alex and Ricky leave house and meet up with Prince, Prod, Roc, Floann and Paris at the cinema)

Roc: Hey al- Oh!

Ricky: What?

Roc: oh i didn’t know you was coming. Hey my name is Roc Royal

Ricky: Hey I’m Ricky

(Roc POV:I could tear this guy up. He’s been huring my baby girl: Roc’s POV ended)

Alex: (looks at roc) So what are we seeing?

Prince: Were seeing titanic

Prod: Are we? Cool i love that film

Floann: Enough with the chit chat lets go and get our tickets

Paris: Yeah leggo

Roc: aye thats my line (laughs)

(Roc walks in and looks at Alex. Ricky has his and on her shoulder and pulls her back to talk to her)

Ricky: who’s that boy that boy that keeps staring at you?

Alex: o he’s my best friend

Ricky: WHAT?! You can’t have a boy best friend (Whispers whilst grabbing arm)

Alex: Why not?! It’s not like he likes me. He’s………………………………. a bisexual

Roc: (turns around and gives that WTF look)

Ricky: (makes a funny face) erm okay

Alex: Yeah! Let’s go

Ricky: okay

Alex: O wait! i aint hugged them yet. Let me give them all a hug

Ricky: Go on then

(Alex hugs all and then hugs roc and whispers)

Alex: I told Ricky you are bisexual. Just so I can get him off my case. Sorry. I love you though

Roc: ha ha it’s alright. I love you too (secretly kisses on the cheeck) should i act gay?

Alex: yeah but not too gay (kisses him back)

Ricky’s POV****

Okay something is going on between that roc guy and this *****. I got a close eye on them two.

Ricky’s POV ended****

(Alex and Roc let go of hug)

Alex: O my gosh roc i so gotta tell you about that jada girl (winks and mimes play along)

Prince: I’m gonna buy the tickets. You guys can chill here while i get them (walks to counter)

Everyone: okay.Thanks

Roc: oh my gosh. Tell me (Walk off with Alex)

Ricky: So what’s up guys (smiles) what’s going on between them two

Prod: Oh they’re really close friends. They’re talking about this *** in our school called Jada.

Floann: Yeah they’re really tight

Ricky: oh okay (confused) I’m going to the toilet

Paris: Okay………….. Roc & Alex he’s gone

Roc: o thank the lord

Alex: Roc baby i’ve missed you all day. (gives him a peck on the cheek and gives him a hug)

Roc: same baby

Floann: awwww they’re so cute. Prod aren’t they cute

Prod: Yeah! But not as cute as me and you (kisses floann)

Floann: yeah ha ha (kisses him back passionately)

Prince: (walks over) ewww you guys save it for the bedroom

Everyone: ooooooohooooooo (laughs)

Prince: Well the film starts in a hour. So we can get some food. Where’s Ricky?

Floann: In the toilet

Alex: You guys have t act like were talking about ****** Jada and act like roc……………………….is a bisexual

Everyone: 0_o

Roc: I know but ill do anything for my girl Alex (holds her by her waist)

<<<<<<END OF CINEMA SCENE (Just for a bit though lol)>>>>>>>>

End of chapter 9

Stay mindless for chapter 10 :D

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