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Chapter 14 of Tell Me You Love Me [Sequel to ILWBFB]

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[Tejah POV]

Later that day, Chres came home looking BEAT! His day mustve went Suh- LOW at the courthouse
Tejah: Hey babe
Chres: Hi
He sat down on the bed, and took off his shoes. His dress shirt made his body look so sexy
Tejah: Chres i love that shirt on you
Chres: Thanks
Tejah: Mm, so how was it? Full custody?
Chres: Yeah.
Tejah: Whats up with the one words?
Chres: Im tired as shít, Tejah
Tejah: Oh i can tell
he didnt say anything, just took off his clothes & switched to pajamas. He layed next to me, and i kissed him
Tejah: I missed you today. You was gone mad long
Chres: I know… Where’s Sabrina?
Tejah: still out with Cj & Sam
Chres: Oh okay..
Tejah: You gonna ask about your other kids?
Chres: i already know where the girls are. I spoke to both Zari, and Kels. And Caleb is with D.
He rolled his eyes, and turned the other way. What the fück is his problem?
Tejah: Whats wrong?
Chres: I told you im tired & you sittin there askin questions & shít.
Tejah: Sorry for trying to be a good wife.
he didnt say anything else after that

[Next day]
i woke up & made breakfast as usual, then sat down to watch Maury in the living room. It was so quiet, i loved it. I just let Chres, Cj, & Sabrina sleep in instead of waking them up. At around 11:45, i heard heavy footsteps, so that meant Chres was up. He sat next to me & swooped me on his lap, and gave me a kiss
Chres: Good mornin
Tejah: Mornin.
Chres: You ate already?
Tejah: No
Chres: You gonna eat with me?
Tejah: No
Chres: Babe whats wrong?
Tejah: Nothing. Im just not eating right now
Chres: cmooon… I dont wanna eat alone
Tejah: So go wake up your kids
Chres: But i wanna eat with my girl
Tejah: But your girl doesnt wanna eat yet
Chres: Daddy can make her eat
Tejah: No daddy cant
Chres: Fine. Ima eat, then watch… Im comin back for you
He put me down & went in the kitchen. 15 min later, he came back, turning off the TV
Tejah: What the fück you doin nïgga?!
Chres: Your paying more attention to that TV than me.
Tejah: I barely watch tv!
Chres: You do with me before we go to bed
Tejah: By myself i meant. With no distractions
Chres: Oh. Well thats too bad. Cmon
Tejah: Where you think were goin?
Chres: To the bedroom
Tejah: Chres not now.
he got on top of me
Chres: I thought you said you wanted another kid
Tejah: I do
Chres: So lets go
Tejah: Later
Chres: I’ll do it right here.
i shrugged my shoulders & turned on the tv
Chres: Fück it. Im tryin to make you happy, & you just wanna watch some ratchet asś people who tryin to find out who they baby daddy is!
Tejah: I didnt ask you to come down here & try to have séx with me
Chres: I never ask you to do it with me either! You come up, and seduce me
i didnt say anything, and i could tell he was gettin mad as fùck
Tejah: You want me to suck your díck?! Fine lets go!
I pushed him off me, and went upstairs into our room & he followed
Chres: Babe i didnt mean anything like that. You took that shït the wrong way. I didnt tell you to suck it.
Tejah: So what the fück you want me to do right now?!
Chres: Spend time with me
Tejah: We do all the time
Chres: Yeah only in the night when we about to go to bed
Tejah: Well you work, and im always doin stuff in the house. What do you want to happen?! Any time we alone, one of the kids ruin it
Chres: I just want it to be like old times again at least for a day, before we had kids. Or at least when Cj was the only one
Tejah: Well here’s the problem. We got too much shït to worry about now. We aint teens no more.
Chres: So why the fück would you want to expand the d-mn family if we barely have time for each other?
Tejah: Because im bored! All of them grew up! They dont wanna be babied! Caleb is only 10 tellin me that he aint no baby no more
Chres: So you just want me to keep gettin you pregnant everytime the youngest grows up?!
Tejah: Thats not what i said. I said one more.
Chres: Your gonna be fückin 31, and still poppin out a baby!
Tejah: So now im too old?
Chres: i didnt say that
Tejah: You might as well have
Chres: Babe you takin everything the wrong way
Tejah: So then how the fùck you meant it?
Chres: We should just focus on the kids we got now.
Tejah: You wasnt sayin that **** the night Sabrina came & we was doin it! You wasnt complainin then! Why now?
he sighed
Chres: Look, we’ll have another baby. Right now we just gotta get that room finished for Sabrina, plus add another one if you want to get pregnant again. But for right now, no cause theres no room. We got Sabrina in Kels’ room, already. And i know Kels is píssed.
Tejah: Okay Chres.
I got up from the bed and went in the bathroom to shower

[Chres POV]
I was just sittin on the bed, not knowing what to do so i took off my clothes & went in the bathroom, stepping in the shower with her
Tejah: I cant take a shower by myself?!
Chres: No
i took the washcloth from her & started scrubbing her body
Tejah: Chres i can wash myself
Chres: but im gonna do it
Tejah: Chresanto.
Chres: Shut up & let me be a good husband.
Tejah: I always let you be a good husband
Chres: Not right now
Tejah: i just wanted to shower alone.
Chres: Not right now
He kissed my lips
Chres: Why you so mad? What did i do?
Tejah: Nothing, babe. Can i get out now?
he pinned me against the shower wall
Chres: Not until you tell me whats wrong
Tejah: Nothing is wrong with me!
Chres: You sure?
he started kissing my neck, and a slight hickey, but i pushed him off
Chres: What Tejah?! D-mn!
Tejah: Just stop! We’re not teens anymore! This kissin shït, pinnin me against the wall isnt for me!
Chres: I thought you liked that
Tejah: Yeah when i was like 18! Im 30! We too grown for that shït
Chres: Since when was we too grown to love each other?!
He was getting aggrevated. I just know it
Tejah: I didnt say that
Chres: You might as well have!
Tejah: Im just sayin we too old to be playin games
Chres: What games Tejah? I keep tryin to figure whats wrong with you, and you aint sayin shït but rollin your eyes & catchin a attitude!
Tejah: You trying to have séx with me is not gonna make me feel better! Thats what i mean by were not teens anymore
Chres: You just want a d-mn baby, thats why! How the fück you think you get that shít?! By eatin a d-mn apple?! Im sittin here tryin to lay you down, but you aint budgin.
Tejah: You said we was gonna wait
Chres: But to get you to shut the héll up about a baby, i gotta get you pregnant.
Tejah: Which one is it Chresanto?! Baby, or no baby?!
Chres: I been told you my answer, which was no baby. But you sittin there complainin, soo…
Tejah: What ever. No baby it is.
i rolled my eyes & got out the shower. I put on some sweats & a cami and left the room. Sabrina was up downstairs watching tv, so i sat besides her
Sabrina: Good morning, ma’am
Tejah: Morning, Sabrina. You dont have to call me ma’am
Sabrina: But what do i call you?
Tejah: Tejah, Ma, mom, mommy… What ever you feel like. You hungry?
She nodded her head yes
Tejah: Cmon
i went in the kitchen & pulled out her plate and warmed it up
Sabrina: Thank you
She smiled
Tejah: Your welcome. Im going out, but i’ll be back. Daddy’s in his room
Sabrina: Okay
i went upstairs into Cj’s room
Tejah: Cj. Jay… Cj. Wake up.
He groaned, and flipped over
Cj: Hhmm.
Tejah: Your foods in the microwave. Chres is in the room, and Sabrinas downstairs eating. Take her out again if the girls arent back
Cj: I had her yesterday Ma
Tejah: i dont want her to be alone with nobody to talk to
Cj: Pops is here…
Tejah: Bye Cj
Cj: Bye
i left his room & went to my car, driving to Kylah’s house

[Ky’s house]
I rang the bell, and D opened
Damarre: Hey Auntie. Nobody is home right now. Bye
he laughed, and so did i
Tejah: Nígga move. Caleb here, and so is Ky
He opened the door wider & i walked in, smelling chicken. To no suprise, Prod was in there cheffin it up
Tejah: Aye brody, what you makin me?
He gave me a look
Prod: What? Im makin this for me.
Tejah: What about your son… Nephew… Wife? Tejah?
Prod: What about them?
Tejah: You cold blooded nïgga! Ima remember that. Wheres Ky?
Prod: Comin
Tejah: She said she was here
Prod: She went to the store

[Kel’s POV]
We was in the living room trying to figure out what we was gonna do today
Asia: Invite your sister with us
Lei: Zari’s with her friend
Me & Lei snickered
Asia: Ya’ll so cold blooded. Have you spoke to Kiki?
Kels: Yeah, last night.
Jr: Lets go to the mall.
Lei: Why?
Kels: Right… If we go there, im telling Ary to come.
Jr: Yall dont need to be together!
Kels: Shut up. Before i tell Chres that you kissed Lei.
Jr: But i didnt
Kels: He dont know that
Jr: Evil asś
Kels: Juu knooow!
Lei: Fine, lets go there.
Jr: Lemme call up Caleb. Is he with D?
Asia: We here with you right?
Jr: Shut up

[Kiki POV]
Its been awkward around the house since Kels left. Im bored. Daddy tries his best to get me happy, but nothing is working. I miss my twin. I talk to her all the time, but its not the same. Right now we headed to the clinic. Not for the baby, either. For me. Daddy thinks that i could possibly be his daughter, because i kinda have some of his features. Its true. Because i have his nose no doubt. But if im not his, neither is Kels. He says i am his & he knows it. Kels looks just like Ma, so i know she doesnt look like our, or possibly her real dad

[At the clinic]
We was waiting for the doctor or whatever to come in
Kiki: Daddy do i have to get a shot?
Kirk: I dont know how they do it. It could be a hair strand, or by blood. Which means a needle.
Kiki: Well shoot…
i pulled a piece of my curly hair out & held it out to him. All he did was laugh
Kirk: Ki… Now that i think of it, we gotta use the needle
Kiki: WHYYY?!
Kirk: I aint got no hair!
he pulled off his hat, and i was about to cry
Kirk: I know you aint bout to cry now.
Kiki: Im scared of needles!!
Kirk: Its just a quick asś pinch!
Kiki: i dont care
Kirk: Lets make a deal. If you dont cry, i’ll get you 3 new phone cases. Any.
Kiki: I can just ask mommy if i want new cases.
Kirk: So what do you want?
Kiki: iphone
Kirk: You got one
Kiki: But i want the 5
Kirk: Lil girl i dont even got a iphone
Kiki: Thats because you have the galaxy 3 daddy. And besides… You didnt come to our middle school graduation
He sighed heavily
Kirk: Fine
I blinked quick so my eyes wouldnt be watery anymore
Kirk: yall spoiled… Yo momma & step daddy give yall everything
Kiki: So do you!

[Chres POV]
Today i am at Home Depot with Sabrina so she can pick out the color for her room. Later im goin to the movies. Leilani wants me to take her to the movies. And she said just her. I dont know what she wants to see, and honestly, i dont care. I could watch anything right now. Prince was gonna drop her off at the movies and take Kels home & im meeting her there. But Tejah is mad… Dont care either. We aint ready for another baby. And she know that shït. There aint no room right now… These people drivin me crazy. Everywhere i turn there goes one of our kids
Sabrina: Can i get this green?
Chres: Its your favorite color?
She nodded her head & played with a curl on her head
Chres: It matches your eyes
Sabrina: I know.. Its so pretty
Chres: Yeah, it really is
its true. Thats what attracted me to Shania so much. Those eyes turned me on
Chres: Any other colors?
Sabrina: No thank you
She has really hood manners…
Chres: Okay
I called the guy over so he can get the paint for us. After we went to Ikea & she picked out anything she wanted in her room. Later, we was both hungry so we went to eat at Friendly’s

[Leilani’s POV]
I’ve been at the movies for 20 min just waiting for Daddy. So i went in the theatre & sat in my seat watching the commercials on the screen waiting for his call. 45 min go by… An hour… 90 min… Where is he?! Did he forget? The movie ended and he still wasnt here, so i called Zari to come get me. I ran in her car when she came & slammed the door and started to cry
Zari: Lei whats wrong?
Lei: Daddy never came like he said he would! I asked him to come with me to the movies so we can see Hotel Transylvania, and he said ‘Yeah sure!’ I waited for him & he didnt even call!
Zari: He was probably busy, Lei
Lei: Then why would he say he would come?!
Zari: I dont know…

[Chres POV]
We just finished eating, and i checked the time on my phone. The first thing i saw was that there was 3 miss calls from Lei & 2 from Tejah. What time is it? Oh shît….. 8:45!!! FÜCK! I lost track of time! Awww dayum. Leilani’s gonna be mad at me. Here goes another problem i gotta deal with
Chres: Cmon Sabrina. We gotta go.
Sabrina: Okay
We hurried up out, and i left money on the table. I went to the theatre, looking for her, but she wasnt there so i sped home
Chres: Where’s Leilani?!
Kels: Upstairs. Chres you made my sister mad. Why would you even tell her you would go with her, if you stood her up? What if someone kidnapped my sister because you wasnt there like you was supposed to?!
Chres: Kelaiah relax…
I saw her mug Sabrina, but i didnt do anything. I just ran upstairs & into Lei’s room. She was on her laptop
Chres: Lei im so sorry i didnt come
She ignored me & picked up her phone, did something, then put it down again. I sat next to her on the bed, and she moved over
Chres: Leilani, you know im sorry. I was eating with Sabr—-
Lei: I dont care, Daddy! Leave me alone! I dont wanna hear your excuse. You always go to the movies with me no matter what
Chres: I know, i lost track of time. Im sorry
She ignored me again
Chres: Lei, why you so mad? It was just one movie
Lei: No, daddy… Ever since Sabrina came we havent spent time. Thats what i wanted to do with you since you always with her now.
Chres: You gotta understand that she was raised completely different than you. She didnt have a dad growing up, or get everything she wanted.
Lei: Neither did my mom i shot back. He sighed heavily
Chres: Yeah i know she didnt either.
Lei: So i dont get what your talking about. You couldnt leave the girl for 2 hours?! Just leave me alone, please Pops.
i left her room without saying anything, and went into ours, seeing Tejah on the bed. I took off my clothes & put on pajamas and climbing on top of her, and kissed her lips, then neck
Tejah: What are you doin? Its usually the other way around
Chres: Babe, lets go on vacation.
Tejah: To where? And what about the kids?
Chres: Hawaii. Zari & Cj, cmon, we need it. Too much stress…
Tejah: Fine. We goin to Hawaii

Sorry… this was bad in my eyes. My eyes are burning & im going to bed. Night though!!

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