(New) Fall of Fate

Chapter 1 of Rika Luna: The Life And Times Of A Magical Girl

Ruby-Pokedex by Ruby-Pokedex

(I felt the original chapter’s Rika was a little whiny and the bullies were badly executed, so here’s a better chapter.) A young girl lost her mother at the age of 4. They all said it was some freak accident… Some even caused rumors. They even went to suspecting a murder. They’re wrong. They’re all wrong. Who am I to tell, You ask? It’s because I was there. I was the young girl that lost her mother, the woman people called “Witch”. My father is too kind of a person to kill, and whatever he described to me when I was ten sure as hell wasn’t human. I could even recollect and piece together very vague memories and-

“Miss Luna.” My teacher called. “Class ended five minutes ago. Everyone has already left.”

My mind had wandered again. I had good enough grades, but I was known for … occasionally blanking out during classes. I fiddled around with my necklace in embarrassment.

“I know classes are not the most interesting, but you at least must have the capacity to be mentally present throughout the whole period.” He droned on. “At least it was only near the end of classes. Pick up your things and head home.”

I left the classroom, walking down the halls of the school. As usual, people looked at me with funny looks. I usually ignored it, being numb to my status in this school. I just continued fiddling with the old necklace around my neck. It used to belong to my mother before the incident. Before I could think on it further, I bumped into someone. He was a boy around my age, and I felt this wouldn’t end well.

“I-I’m sorry” He stuttered, picking himself up.

People were looking at us. I just avoided eye contact.

“Are you… alright?”

“I’m fine.” I answered and turned away.

“Wait, you don’t have to go.” He said. “My name is Sumato. I’m new here.”

I only looked back at him.

“Rika.” I answered almost robotically. “Sorry I bumped into you. I really got to go.”

After that, I just ran. Bumping into someone is no big deal, but I can’t take chances with how others view me. With how my mother was viewed, It’s not surprising. I just grabbed my bike and left. I could not shake what I heard people mutter.

“Her actually talking with a guy? That’s rare?”


“My mom said ‘with a mother like she had I’m not surprised that she would turn out to be a-’ y’know…”

“A what?”


I didn’t want to think of such an awful word.
(Let’s just say it’s rude speak for ‘someone who loves another of the same gender’)

I left the school in a hurry. As much as I wanted to lash out against them, it just wouldn’t matter. I hated being called that, and just because of some rumors about my mother… They wouldn’t even care if I told them what actually happened. I just went on my bike, wanting to go far far away.

I couldn’t, though. As much as I wanted to, I just… couldn’t. There’s still dad, and I can’t leave him alone now. Of course, I’m not talking about what people would be thinking right now. Even if I wanted to, it wouldn’t matter. I wouldn’t be changing anything, and I would just be doing the people who actually CARE about me a lot of harm. The more I thought about it, the harder I peddled on my bike. Harder and harder… Untill I didn’t even know where I was anymore. I had myself lost in no time. Not exactly LOST, as this was a forest trail I’ve been to, but you get what I mean. Before I knew it, I trailed off in thought. Like by magic, I was at a trail by a steep hill leading to a river. The river then gave me some thoughts that would… not be very happy. It made me think: What if I were to fall? Would any one (other than my father) miss me? Nothing would really change, but I shouldn- Annnnd then I slipped. My body twisted and turned on the fall. It hurt like hell as there was even stones, and I’m surprised I didn’t die instantly. It was probably not the best idea to think of… THOSE things at the edge of a hill. It was either a neck injury, or falling in the river, but something stopped me before falling into the river. Something not human. It was then my vision started fading. I was either dying or just going unconscious. God, I hoped it was the second option. I could make out something coming out of what I assumed was a house near the river. I couldn’t see well, but I could see a vivid and bright color coming from what I hoped was a person.

That color was a very bright scarlet red.

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