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Chapter 4 of Sirens (CAST CALL)

Sailing_Dreams by Sailing_Dreams

Okay guys important news!

FINALLY after 10 months of no updates or stories written I FINALLY figured out a decent description for this novel! Sorry you guys had to wait so long. Writers block sucks! I got the strength an to write the Prologue of Sirens yesterday afternoon while I was celebrating my birthday! 01-05

PS- I turned 20!

Anyways I am still finishing up the prologue for Sirens so except an ACTUAL chapter from this book either tomorrow or 01-08-2017!

I apologize for abandoning this novel for so long! I didn’t realize my writers block would last this long. I want to thank everyone for being so patient with me on getting an actual novel released. Just thank you so much for your patience.

Expect all the previous none chapters to be deleted some point and time today. As far as the casting call goes I’m going to take another look into it…. Because to be totally honest with you fabulous readers, I only need around 3 or 5 of them… Plus it’s way easier to keep up with people’s pov with less main characters.

But don’t worry some of you may get a epic surprise from me with your character.

Again I apologize for the long wait now you can count down the days til the Prologue of Sirens is released

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