not as it seems

Chapter 28 of Head in the clouds

Pinkone200 by Pinkone200

“What a weak girl she was, Emma” snickered Kailyn. “too bad shes dead.” “what now?” asked Julianna. “Now we let this runt go, as promised and head back to base.” said Kailyn. “Justin, untie Logan’s hands.” said Kailyn as she flew off with the evil fairies. He untied his hands and as soon as he did he took off. The hooded figure looked down at where she jumped. Well… not quite. Emma lifted her hood and was shocked at what just happened. She ran out and flew to her house, unseen. Inside she could her voices. “Where are they, they should be back by now.” said James pacing back and forth. Teddy and Carlyn looked at each other. “James, we know what happened.” sighed Carlyn gripping Teddy’s hand. “Whats going on.” said James stopping. “Emma’s dead” Blurted out Carlyn as she let out a sob. James was frozen, trying to process what he just heard. He ran out the door, leaving Carlyn and Teddy inside. “James wait!” said Teddy trying to run after him. But Carlyn grabbed his hand and pulled him back. “let him go, he needs to sort this out himself.” said Carlyn. “What are we going to tell her parents?” said Teddy. “We will figure it out later.” sighed Carlyn. Emma didn’t know what to do, if she showed herself and the dark fairies found out, it would put her friends in even more danger. but if she stayed in hiding, her friends and family would be safe. she got down from the roof and slipped inside to pack her things. “pack, fly to Mexico, start a new life. Simple” said Emma trying to sound optimistic. as she was about to leave she heard a noise downstairs. “This device will work when the last water fairy is dead, and its not working!” said a voice. A familiar voice. Kailyn. “Well you killed her, we saw it now leave us alone!” yelled Carlyn. “Stop lying, or suffer the consequences.” said Justin, she heard a flash of lighting, no screams. a warning strike. she left the bag in her room and ran down the stairs so no one could see her. “Looking for me?” said Emma. “Emma your alive! nice entry by the way.” smiled Carlyn with a look of relief. “yeah, but i think if you went a little later, stroke a pose and-” said Justin being cut off. “Silence!” screamed Kailyn. “now whats going to happen is your going to come with us silently and willingly” “And if i refuse?” asked Emma crossing her arms. Kailyn grabs Teddy and holds a knife. “then my finger might just slip” she said holding a scared Teddy. Just then, Kailyn is knocked down and Teddy scrambles away. Justin runs to teddy and hugs him. “now run, go to the cabin and stay there until i say its safe, understand?” said Justin to Teddy. Teddy nods, turns into a crow and fly’s off. Carlyn and Emma follow. " We need to find-" Said Emma being cut off. she was being hugged by James and was struggling to fly. Emma kisses James and they fly off to the cabin.

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