Parts 4-7: the kiss, truth or dare, seven minutes in heaven, and the talk

Chapter 2 of *****************- The Love Story

eminems_wifeyy by eminems_wifeyy

<< with roc and kori >>
kori- …and that is how the marshmallow was invented.
roc- wtf?!?!!!!!
kori- thats what i said the first time i heard it. just google it.
roc- no comment
kori leans in and kisses him. hes surprised but he kisses back. after a while he pulls away
roc-dam ur a good kisser

<< that night after dinner >>
kali- who wants to play truth or dare, the old fashioned way?
everybody- me!
kali grabs an empty glass coke bottle and they go to the bus’s living room. they make a circle on the gorund. Roc goes first. it lands on nikki.
roc- nikki truth or dare?
nikki- dare
roc- i dare you to give prod a lap dance
roc winks at prod, and prod mouths thank you.
nikki- come on prod.
she leads him to the bedroom.
nikki- just pretend
prod-thats cheating
she strips and sits on his lap, in: she starts to feel his d!**. he feels her butt. (she finishes) prod sits back down by roc.
roc-how was it?
roc- you owe me one
nikki spins the bottle and it lands on kayla
nikki-kayla truth or dare?
nikki-do you like prince
nikki-i dare you to answer my question
prince- really?
kayla- giving nikki a death glare yes
prince- i like you too
prince- no
kayla- i hate you nikki
kayla storms off. prince goes after her.
kayla-go away
prince-i was kidding
kayla- so you do like me?
prince-no. i dont like you. i LOVE you. i wouldn’t survive without you. please forgive me
prince- come on lets go finish the game.
they go into the living room and kayla spins and it lands on ray ray.
kayla-ray ray truth or dare
kayla-i dare you to jump into the neighbors pool, WHILE NAKED, while they’re in it
kayla-but i thought you were the KING of DARES?
he does it and everybody laughs so hard that by the time he comes back, they were all crying.
ray- i hate you kayla
kayla-awww i hate you too
kori- lets play seven minutes in heaven
ray spins and it lands on… kayla
kayla&ray-ewwwww nooo
kayla-and right after i said i liked prince
ray-besides im dating kali
kali- its just a game
kayla rolls her eyes
kayla-come on
they go in the closet and make out (rated r-ly) for seven minutes.and might i mention they both felt fireworks. when they come out kayla spins and it lands on kali. to the right of her was roc.
kayla-ewww roc?
roc-wtv lets just get it over with
they go in the closet and pretend to kiss but actually just sit there. they all decide theyre tired after that and go to bed. at around midnight, kayla goes into ray rays room where he is wide awake staring at the ceiling.
kayla-ray ray we need to talk
ray-i know. it felt so right, but im dating kali. plus, prince was gonna ask you out.
kayla-but i dont like prince anymore. i like you.
ray-but what about kali?
kayla-prince can ask her out
ray-but what if he doesnt? im sorry, but we need to pretend that kiss never happened.

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