Party Crashers

Chapter 20 of Head in the clouds

Pinkone200 by Pinkone200

Everyone started to panic. “guys come on, let’s go see what’s going on.” said Teddy as they rushed outside. The air was foggy. just then it cleared, dozens of fairies were floating in midair. “Ok, Julianna you go out and get the non fairies out of here.” said Emma. “on it!” yelled juliana as she ran to get the people out. “Teddy, call the fairy council and tell them to come quick.” yelled Carlyn. “got it.” said Teddy turning into a hawk. “ok, James, you and I will take these dark fairies down.” said Emma. Just then a pair of beautiful wings grew on the three. one fiery red, the other one shimmering gold and the last an aquatic blue. The three soared into the air. “okay remember the mission, get emma but keep her alive.” yelled the captain of the dark fairies. They decided to separate. Emma went left, James right and Carlyn straight. Carlyn was surrounded by three dark fairies. Carlyn made a ring of fire around her and the three dark fairies went down. Emma was surrounded by five. She made a water spout and it took them all out. James was on the ground. He was being taken away by the dark fairies. Emma could not believe her eyes. Just as James was out of sight Emma was starting to glow. “I will not let you take him away, let go of him!” Emma yelled. Just then there was a flash of light, a seal jumped out of the sky and headed towards the dark fairies. They all were gone. The fairy council were finally here with teddy. “what was that!” yelled Emma. “That was your spirit animal, they only come to powerful fairies in time of need. We all know your spirit animals. yours is a seal, Carlyns is a phoenix, James is a sparrow and Teddy’s is a wolf.” said the councils leader. “why is everything a wolf!” yelled Teddy sitting down.

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