Princeton Imagine 2 (Starring You !!)

Chapter 2 of ** Imagines <3

Layla-DMani by Layla-DMani

**’s on a meet and greet, all the fans are super exciting. The host decides to let a little boy from the crowd ask a question.

Host: “What’s your name??”

Boy: “My name is John.”

Host: “All right, John, How old are you??”

John: “I’m 5..”

Host: “Who’s your question for??”

John: “Princeton..”

Host: “All right, what’s your question??”

John: “Well, my cousin as been crazy about you guys for like forever, she has posters of y’all all over her bedroom walls and… Let’s just say she’s super obssessed with you all.. And you’re her favorite member, you’re her celebrity crush.. Maybe if you’d date her, she’d stop with the obssession…”

Ray: “Aww…”

Prod: “You’re too sweet.. And brave.. You come in here and ask Prince to go out with your sister..”

Roc: Pokes Prod “It’s cousin..”

John: “Yeah, it’s cousin..”

Prod: “Oh all right..”

Prince: “How old is she??”

John: “When it’s love, age don’t matter…” Laughs

Ray: “What her name??”

John: “Y/n”

Ray: “What a beautiful name..”

Y/n: Blushes in the crowd

Prince: Spots her, smiles

Y/n: Pushes between the crowd and leaves

Ray: “But if Prince’s gonna date your cousin he’ll have to see her..”

Roc: “Where is she at??”

Prod: “Y/n are you there..”

John: “She’s right th-” Sees that y/n left “I was afraid this might happen.. She left, she doesn’t like to be the center of attention… Anyways, thanks for the time anyways, I’m a big fan.” Leaves

It’s been two weeks sense the meet and greet, Prince can’t stop replaying the image of Y/n’s face on his mind. He can’t stop thinking about her, he can only sight and let it go, after all he can’t go after her, he doesn’t know her. He gets an email with y/n’s email from John.

Prince and y/n add each other and start chatting regularly, they’re getting along together and even through she’s a fan, it feels right.

Y/n and Prince have a couple of dates, and it’s now their 6th date. It’s new years eve and they’re both walking down the street.

Prince: Holds y/n’s hand

Y/n: Looks up at him worried

Prince: Stops walking

Y/n: Thinks to self: Is it going to end here? Is he going to dump me?

Prince: Smiles “The last few days I’ve been with you were amazing, I really like you… Would you like to be my official girlfriend??”

Y/n: Jumps up into Princeton’s arms “Yes.. I would love to.”

Prince: Looks into her eyes, leans in and kisses her lips

Y/n: “Our very first kiss…” Blushes and holds his hand

Prince: “Happy new year, y/n..”

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