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Chapter 1 of Instagram Love(prodigy story)

mindless_or_nah by mindless_or_nah

“omg mom he left **.”I told my mom scrolling on my phone in the kitchen. "who hunny "she asked. “prodigy the lead singer”i told her "o baby hes prolly going to go solo hes a really good singer so im sure hell make it "she told me leaving out the kitchen .I when on to prodigy’s instagram and under one of his pics they had many angry girls.they should try to understand his point of view .I began to type …

week later

pov ?
. I was on insta looking at some comments when I cam across this kinda long one “you guys needa chill understand prods point of view ,he prolly left cause of yall !! to craig I love your voice and your hella handsome im not only a prodigy fan im a craig crippen jr fan .! I love to see you smile it makes me smile so keep on smiling and keep yo head up don’t let these lil fees get in yo head your 2 amazing for that ! tell mama wanda I said hi and jojo ! craig hope you don’t stop singing ! I want you to sing forever ! I love ya lil boy !”I read out loud to my mom smiling. “see hunny people do still love prodigy not only prodigy but craig crippen jr .”she said folding a towel. I jjust nodded and went to my room to go to sleep I have a long day tomorrow

next day

“so ive seen some pretty nasty comment on instagram and twitter have you been reading them”bow-wow asked me . I nodded “yea I have but hey ive seen who my real fans are .”I told bow. "cool cool have you seen the nice ones "he asked .

pov .kali
I was sitting in my room with my lil brother angel watching 106&park eathing some skittles ."isn’t that prodigy "my nine year old brother said .I nodded turning the tv up . "well yea ive seen a few I saw one yesterday that was sweet her name is funsize_kalibar im waiting on her to let me follow her "he said i gasped i haven’t been on insta all day i grabbed my phone logging in and pressed the insta icon .i ignored my likes and people who want to follow me . clicked him and let him follow me .i looked back at the tv prods phone bringed . “looks like shes watching the show”he said laughing .i smiled .!! omg

later on that day. i got on kik and so many people were in my kik asking about prod ! i was about to die from suffocation .i went to take my kik name out my bio when another person popped up.i clicked it prepared to curse them out .the kik person’s name was moonwalker and it was a pic of prod

me:umhum .before we even take this father ive had so many people in my kik list pretending to be you can you kindly screenshot this and put on it i found kali and put it on insta
prod:sure brb
i waited a while and then my phone dinged another instagram someone tagged me in sum .well ok . it was prod he did wat i said i smiled

me:cool so heyy :)

we texted the whole night away

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