Chapter 1 of In Her Shoes: A ******************Story

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After just over an hour listening to the drab voice of my old professor, class was finally over. I grabbed my black satchel, heavily yawning as I got out of my seat. The last week had been tiring and exciting all at the same time. After lecture upon lecture and work at the local bar, my weekend was spent with yet another ‘client’ in Manhattan. The thought probably running through your mind is “what a h0e”, but I can assure you, my work is anything but sleazy. It’s more along the lines of deceitful and false. What started out as a favor for one friend suddenly turned into an occupation offering services to guys all over Peyton University.

Allow me to explain further. I’m the girl people turn to when they want to make that one chick jealous or get the parents off their backs so they can continue to live their playboy lifestyles. I’m the girl people pay to pretend to date. I meet the parents or friends and charm them with my humble yet firm nature, we keep up the façade for while and then an excuse comes into play that confirms our ‘break-up’, “we fell out of love, she wasn’t ready,” etc etc. I know, a job based on lies isn’t the most dignifying of occupations. But I need the money so I can keep myself fed and at least be able to live half the lives the others at school live, because unlike these kids, I don’t have dollar bills being showered around me. Just like how I worked for the scholarship to get to this place, I have to work for the necessities I need to stay relevant with everyone else.

“Drea,” I heard a deep voice call. I turned to see Craig, the ‘client’ I’d just spent my weekend with, smiling and waving at me. My lips curved as I walked towards the handsome football player. Of all the weekends I’d had with my ‘clients’, the one I’d recently witnessed had to be my favourite. Our visit to his parents’ mansion in the Upper East Side of Manhattan was absolutely amazing. On arrival, I was warmly welcomed by his mother and father and treated like a queen throughout my stay. Most importantly, however, they had raised a real gentleman of a son. Even though my relationship with my ‘clients’ was strictly business, there was always the occasional pass directed at me, with the hope that for more money I’d give them a little extra. Craig got the memo that I wasn’t that type of girl from the start, and treated me like a lady throughout the whole trip. We had really formed a good friendship.

“Hey baby,” I purred teasingly as I wrapped my arms around his waist.

“Hey girlfriend,” he joked, embracing me in return. I pulled back from our cuddle, smiling up at him as he appeared to breathe a sigh of relief.

“I owe you big time,” he said, pointing at me like I was some kind of hero.

“I know,” I answered, playfully fanning myself.

He laughed a little, shaking his head at me before returning to a more serious expression. “You seriously don’t understand how badly you saved my as$ from a weekend of hell. I mean, look,” he took out his iPhone and pressed a few icons before pointing it towards me, “she’s sent me three messages today already, asking how you’re doing and when you’ll be visiting again.” I took the phone out his hand and clicked on a message. I smiled at what was written before reading it out.

“‘Oh hunny, Andrea’s just perfect! Not trying to rush you, but I think this girl could be The One!’ Awh, Craigyyyy, your momma’s so cute!”

“Ugh,” he sounded rolling his eyes. “Give it a week and she’ll start texting about marriage.”

I giggled at his statement, handing his phone back to him, even though internally I felt like crap. This was the second worst part about the job that I had decided to take on; the hurt it possibly left afterwards. Getting to know such (mostly) wonderful people, knowing that soon it would all come to an end was hard enough as it was myself, so imagining how the relatives must’ve felt when my ‘relationships’ with their sons came crushing down was impossible. Either way, I maintained my happy nature in front of Craig. My tears and sadness were only to be seen by my roommate and my pillow.

“She’s just reacting the way any happy mother would,” I suggested, hitting his hard chest playfully.

“Ight, whatever you say,” he shrugged. “Hey, do you mind if we take a picture together? I need my mom’s energy focused on that instead of me,” he snorted.

I chortled when he said that. “Of course, boyfriend,” I whispered flirtatiously, taking a step forward and turning so I stood in front of him. Once his phone camera was ready, I grabbed his free hand and placed it over my stomach. I leaned my head back slightly, my neck against his. He was around two to three inches taller than me, so I leaned my face against his. I smiled into the camera, giving my best ‘I’m so in love with your son” expression I could possibly give.

“Ready…1, 2, 3…” and with that he clicked a button. The capturing of the shot was confirmed by a faint sound, and Craig turned the phone towards us.

“Awh Craigyyyy, we look adorable,” I cooed, looking at the picture with admiration.

I wasn’t going to lie; the photo was very cute indeed. It actually looked like we were a couple.

“Roger that. You look incredible, Drea.”

“Thank you bae,” I replied as I took a look at my watch. “Ooo, I need to go.” I thrust my arms around his neck and hugged him tight, before releasing myself of his warm embrace. “I’ll see you around, okay?”

“Ight. See you soon.”

I smiled and started walking away when I was subtly pulled back by the hook of my jeans. “Oh yeah, I forgot.” I recognized Craig’s voice. Suddenly, appearing in front of me in-between his two fingers was cash. I spotted fifty dollar bills. I took the money from his hands and counted. $500.

“Craig,” I whined as I turned to face him. “We agreed on 300.”

“I know, I know,” he admitted, his voice sounding almost guilty. “But you deserve it Drea. You really do.”


I walked back to my dorm feeling like a piece of meat. Although nothing sexual had happened, I still felt like I’d just been given money as a result of satisfying his needs. This was the worst part of the job; the payment. It made me feel dirty. Weak.

An overwhelming feeling of sadness had taken over me by the time I had gotten to my dorm. I opened the door, and was greeted by the sight of my half naked roomie.

“Get some clothes on,” I half spat out as I walked across to my side of the room. Diamond pranced around in her bra and panties, evidently looking for something.

“Drea,” she chirped, apparently oblivious to my mood, “you’re back early.”

“Yep,” I sounded nonchalantly. “I decided I’ll hit the dance studio later.”

“Oh, okay.”

“Hey, have you seen my fitness bag?” I asked, looking around. I was only away for 48 hours but returned to a room turned upside down. Diamond and I were both incredibly messy people, but before I left I’d cleaned the place up.

She was just about to open her mouth when the sound of a door unlocking sounded. My head shot to Diamond, who had a look of guilt and embarrassment etched all over her face. Opening the door, and appearing out of the bathroom, was a topless Trey. I simply froze, raking my eyes down his strong, firm six-pack, moving down to the v shape that emerged teasingly. His jeans hung low, revealing his tight ** boxers. I’d walked in on the two of them in bed (not actually doing anything), but had never actually witnessed the sculpted beauty that was his body. Honestly I could’ve died right there and been a happy woman. It took a while for me to actually realize what I was doing. And when I did, I couldn’t help but feel horrified. I tore my eyes away from his physically perfect bod and looked up at his face. The football player smiled sheepishly. His ‘friend with benefits’ and myself weren’t the only ones that felt embarrassed.

“Hey Drea,” he said shyly.

“Hi Trey,” I answered, not actually looking at him but at Diamond instead. I gave her the eye. She knew I didn’t like walking in on him and her – especially half naked – knowing that they’d just been getting busy. With the sight in front of me, however…

“We couldn’t help it,” she giggled. I rolled my eyes. This was typical of my best friend. But honestly, I couldn’t stay annoyed at her. She was too darn lovable. And I couldn’t complain with the little treat I’d been given.

I turned to Trey, who stood by the bathroom, unsure of what move to make next. “Get your sh!t and get out,” I said playfully.

He laughed and grabbed his shirt, pulling it over his head and chest, followed by his football jacket and then put on his shoes and cap. “It was a pretty good view wasn’t it?”

“GET OUT,” I shouted, releasing the laugh that I’d tried to withhold.

He chuckled before hovering over Diamond, who was sitting on her knees on her bed. “I’ll see you later,” his hot as$ whispered.

“You will,” Diamond whispered back, before planting a kiss on his lips. It was short, but clearly passionate.

He brushed his hand across her cheek before picking up his bag and heading towards the door. “Bye Drea,” he waved.

“Bye lover boy,” I winked at him flirtatiously.

I turned to face Diamond as soon as the front door clicked shut. “Lucky *****,” I muttered, eyeing her in mock disgust.

She giggled like a little school girl. “Don’t look at me like that. I saw you getting ready to pounce on him,” she accused. She suddenly began to laugh. “Your expression was priceless, oh my gosh!”

“Shut up,” I hissed, trying to fight off the smile that seemed to be making its way towards my lips. “Not all of us have friends with benefits y’know. It’s been a long as$ time since I’ve seen a body like that.”

“It’s been a long as$ time because you’ve made it a long time. ***** you know there’d be a line full of jocks waiting at our door if you were looking for a guy.”

I rolled my eyes at that last statement. “Well too bad I ain’t looking. Men simply waste valuable time.”

“No,” she opposed. “It ain’t the time wasting that’s putting you off. It’s the amount of energy you’d be willing to put into a relationship that scares you. Admit it, Drea. You’re afraid of love."

I looked at her like she was high. Andrea Jackson was afraid of very few things, and love wasn’t one of them.

“How can you be afraid of something that you don’t believe in?” I challenged back.

As weird as it sounded, the concept of being in love was rubbish to me. As far as I was concerned, there was no such thing as being in love. Only in lust. And even if there was a faint chance that it did exist, I didn’t believe it was a mutual thing. There would always be one in love, and the other in lust. I’d witnessed it with my parents. I’d seen how the divorce tore my mother into pieces. I’d watched how she suffered at the hands of a man she had fooled herself into believing she loved. I refused to let that happen to me.

I released myself of the strong thoughts circulating through my head and turned to Diamond. Her beautiful face simply watched me, studying my expression like she was trying to work me out. After a minute or so in complete silence, she opened her mouth.

“One day someone will change your mind. You’ll fall in love when the right guy comes along.”

I snorted. “I can’t wait for that day,” I answered sarcastically.

Quiet took over our room momentarily before Diamond tilted her head to the side. “What’s wrong?” She asked. She seemed to have the ability to know when something was bothering me, whether I showed it or not.

“Pay day,” was my simple reply. I flopped onto my bed, closing my eyes as I tried to stop the overwhelming feeling of dirtiness taking over again. Many people knew what I did, but only two actually understood the effect that it secretly had on me. Diamond was one of them, and the other was the friend I’d helped out that began this business, Ray.

“Awh,” she sounded as I heard movement. I felt my bed move and a hand stroking my hair. “Don’t worry honey. In a couple of years this’ll all be in the past, and the only thing you’ll associate with Pay day will be going to the bank to check how many thousands the Law Firm have paid you.”

I smiled at her soothing words. Diamond always knew what to say to make me feel better. And she was right. Once I got this law degree I’d be able to take money without feeling like a piece of sh!t in the process. This was only a temporary thing.

“Thanks Dee,” I whispered, opening my eyes as I sat up and hugged her.

“Anything for my main *****,” she replied, hugging me back. I could hear the sunshine in her words and I must admit, I felt a little lifted.

“Now seriously,” I huffed, releasing myself, “Go put on some clothes!”


Every Monday I was done with classes by 12:00pm, which meant the whole day doing whatever I wanted. Opportunities for me to just do what I liked rarely came with how busy I was, so every chance I got, I spent in my place of emotional and physical healing; the dance studio. Dancing was my passion, and had been since I’d been little. It was all I ever wanted to do until my dad left my mom. I forced myself to go with the career path that meant I would never have to depend on any man like my Ma had. I wanted to be secure, and as much as I loved dance, it couldn’t guarantee that.

My mom was a dancer. Maybe I’m biased, but she was the best I’d ever seen. I, luckily, had the genes of wonderful movement passed down to me, being trained in Hip Hop, Jazz and Ballet. Each one was performed based on my emotional state when I’d arrive at the studio. I did hip hop when I was angry as it helped release the fire within, jazz when I felt low and contemporary when I felt at peace with myself. Today, despite Diamond’s pep talk, I still felt a little low.

I walked into the small dance studio, closing the door behind me. It was empty as usual, which I liked. Ever since the renovating of the other studios around school, nobody came here as this one had been left alone. The lighting was basic and the air conditioning wasn’t great. It was also the smallest studio, with the walls dark and dirty. But this was my place of harmony. I could come here and dance my heart out without the manufactured lights or the perfect white walls. I don’t know, maybe I loved this place so much because it reflected how I felt as a human being. Either way, it didn’t matter. This was my favourite location in the world.

I walked over to the stereo system, putting the CD in before running to position. It was on days like this that I preferred to dance facing the wall; I wasn’t quite ready to stare at my reflection in that point in time. The music began, and I moved my body in accordance with the relaxing beat, jumping and kicking, releasing everything I had bottled up. (AUTHOR’S NOTE: SEE COMMENTS FOR CHOREOGRAPHY SHE DID) I finally bent down as the music reached its end, closing my eyes as I got to the ground.

“Bendy. I like.”

My eyes shot open as soon as I heard the deep voice. Panic took over me as I wondered who the male was. I scrambled off the floor, turning towards the door, and my mouth gaped open when I saw who stood in front of me.

Jacob Perez.


I simply stood still, staring at him, not believing my eyes. The big-haired boy stood by the doorway with his hands in his pockets, looking at me with a smirk. The sexiest smirk I had ever seen. In front of me was Peyton’s golden boy. The most sought after and wanted guy on campus. Ask anyone who Jacob was and they’d look at you like you were stupid for not knowing. He was the most popular guy at school. Football captain. Rich boy. S*x God.
Every guy wanted to be his friend and every girl wanted to be with him. He, on the other hand, wasn’t one for committed relationships. Everyone around campus knew he was a player. And the shameful thing was girls didn’t care, as long as they got a piece of him. I must’ve been the only person at school with my head screwed on straight, because as far as I was concerned he was repulsing. A cocky motherfvcker with no respect for women whatsoever. I’d never spoken to him, but you could spot his conceitedness from miles away. I truly disliked the kid. But no matter how much he p!ssed me off, having him looking at me in an empty room was enough to keep me speechless. The arrogance that he was dipped in was oh so sexy in person. It truly left you in a daze.

“Close your mouth already, damn.”

Daze over. My mouth clammed shut as I came to my senses. What an a-hole.

I folded my arms, putting on a sarcastically sweet face. “Lost you way looking for your *****?”

The cocky smile on his face remained. This dude was fazed by nothing. “Actually, I just found her.” It took a while for it to register that he was talking about me, and when I realized, I blushed. And not in a happy or flattered way. He began laughing, his sexy mouth parting. “You look red as a motherfvcker,” he chuckled, before returning to his cool expression. “Seriously though, I was looking for you.”
“I doubt that,” I answered irritably as I stalked over to my dance bag – which was right next to him – , forcefully opening it and grabbing my oversized t-shirt. I was only wearing a sports bra and black booty shorts and felt extremely exposed in front of him.

“Keep it off,” he commanded, grinning down at me, “I like the view.”

I quickly dragged the t-shirt down, looking at him with a disgusted expression. He was such a fricking douchebag. If he thought I was going to allow him to control me like he controlled the other girls at school then he thought wrong. “Get out,” I spat at him.

“No can do,” he replied torturously, “like I said, I’m here to see you.”

“You’ve got the wrong girl,” I stood up and glared at him.

“Wait, you’re not Andrea Jackson?” he asked. For the first time he didn’t sound so full of himself. “The girl that sells dates?”

“No,” I lied, p!ssed off at his description of my job. He made it sound so cheap and horrible. I didn’t sell dates. I offered my services as a false companion for male bachelors for a reasonable price… Okay, I sold dates. Still, he didn’t have to say it like that.

His cocky smile returned. Here we go. “Yes you are. Big curly hair,” he twirled a strand around his finger, “check. Big as$, “he looked down licking his lips as he grinned, “check. And just incase you tried to deny it,” he took his cell out and shoved it in my face, “I got Craig to send me the lil pic ya’ll took today.”

I stared at the screen, anger rushing through me. This guy was beating at my own game, and he had evidence to back up everything he was saying. Damn Craig! There was no point in denying it anymore, so I simply folded my arms together and gave him the biggest look of boredom I could possibly give. “What do you want?”I huffed impatiently as he put his phone back in his pocket.

“What you offer,” he winked at me. I cringed outwardly but internally blushed. “A date… Well,” he shrugged, “more like a 3 day visit to my paren-“

“No,” I nonchalantly interrupted, grabbing my bag and walking towards the door.

He ran towards the door, blocking it with his body. It was a double door though, so he stood in the middle. “Wait, what?”

“No,” I repeated, moving the side. He moved in that direction as well.

“What do you mean no?!” his face creased slightly, but he still maintained his cool, careless nature.

“I mean NO as in NO. Go ask one of your h0es.”

He now looked confused as hell. The slight change in control made me feel good. “I want YOU to do it though.”

I rolled my eyes. “Well too bad. I refuse to spend three days at the mercy of you and your probably st-“

“I’ll give you a two thousand dollars.”


“W-what?” I stuttered in disbelief.

“You heard me.”

“Is this some sort of joke?”

“Not at all.”

“N-no!” I blurted out before I could stop myself. I pushed him to the side, which he let me, opened the door and pretty much sprinted to my dorm.

I quickly unlocked the door, threw my bag on the floor, ran to my room and jumped into my bed, hardly believing what had just happened. Had Jacob Perez just offered me $2000 to spend three days with him and his parents, and had I just rejected him? What the hell was going on? I closed my eyes as I tried to re-evaluate my decision. I hated the guy, even more now that I’d met him. But $2000 was a lot of money. It could keep me away from the business for at least two months. It could give me the chance to be a normal college kid for a while. I simply laid down as the two parts of my mind fought over which decision I was meant to make. Eventually I came to a decision. A decision I would probably regret later.

The trip across the boys’ dorm was both intimidating and weird. Left and right there were guys simply staring in complete silence as a crazy girl walked across their hall. I held my head up high, trying to show that they didn’t faze me, even if their mouth-watering 6-packs were on show. After making the decision to humiliate myself and take the job, I called Craig, first yelling at him for telling Jacob about me, and then asking if he knew his dorm number. Turns out they were roomies. Yay (Ugh). I kept walking across the hallway, silence replaced with whispers, until I got to the door I was looking for. Room number 38, I sighed. I breathed in and out a couple of times before knocking on the door twice and taking a step backwards. This was it, I told myself. I was officially on the losing side.

The door opened, and appearing behind it – surprise, surprise – was Mr. Cocky himself. He had the most arrogant expression on his face, signaling that he already knew what I was doing here. “I knew you’d accept.”

I rolled my eyes. “Your deal was $2000.”

“Yep. Don’t worry sweetheart, you’ll have the full amount by the time the trip’s over. Or do you need a little in advance?” he teased. If he wasn’t such a a-hole I’d have found it pretty cute.

“No I don’t,” I forced myself to say politely. “Get my number from Craig. Text when, where, what time and why.”

He looked at me like I was troubled, before chuckling. “Ight. Whatever.”

“Also message me on the occasion, the dress code and-“

The door slammed shut.

This ‘client’ was going to test my patience big time.

THANKS FOR READING! This not a story that I’ll be officially starting. I wanna hear from you guys first; know what you think about it. Is it worth starting? I kinda like the concept, but you guys are the audience, so I wanna make sure you like it.

If I go ahead with this story, I won’t be starting on it till later on in the year. I’ll have a lot of it written up though, so you’ll be regularly updated

Much love<3

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