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Chapter 6 of ******************Imagines

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You and Roc have been together for a while…
“Hey babe..I’m think of getting another piercing…”He says as you two cuddle on the couch. You look at him confused at first. Doesn’t he have enough piercings? Then you look back and answer :That would be so sexy!" You bite your bottom lip. He leans in and kisses you. “But, Y/N Can you come with me to the mall to get the piercing?” he asked worried. You nodded your head “Sure!….I’ll go and support you..” He jumped up with glee. and you started laughing at how goofy he was.

The Next Afternoon(Day)

“You ready?” You ask excited. He grabbed your hand and answered “Y/N, I don’t think I can do this!”. His palms started sweating. Roc had always been nervous before a shot or piercing. He was terrified of needles. You sat in the chair next to his chair “Baby, You’ll be fine..”He nodded and the piercing guy came in the room. “You ready sir?” Roc nodded his head.

While Roc quickly got his piercing he held your hand really tight. You started to giggle a little at how cute he looked when he was nervous. “Alright your done now sir…” The piercing guy left the room. “See I told you, you could do it!” You said rubbing your hands together. He had the biggest smile on his face and leaned forward and gave you a kiss. “Thank you Y/N for being here for me”. You smiled and you were so proud of him!

Here’s the TURN-OUT::

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