Roc Royal Imagine (Personal for Destiny)

Chapter 19 of ******************Imagines

elmolover143 by elmolover143

Destiny and Roc Royal are on a date and looking at the sky at night and Roc has been staring at you the whole time

Destiny: Roc why are you staring at me

Roc Royal: Because your eyes are more beautiful than the stars

Destiny: Well what if the stars were like me?

Roc Royal: If the stars were like you, I’d never stop looking to the sky

Destiny: (Blushing and looking down)

Roc Royal: (lifts her head up with his finger) Don’t do that, I think its cute when you blush

Roc Royal then kisses Destiny passionately

Roc Royal: You know Destiny, your my addiction :D

What did u think Destiny
~Peace,love,animals,and tacos<3

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