Sandy Bay

Chapter 13 of Head in the clouds

Pinkone200 by Pinkone200

“Hey, im so glad to see you guys.” Said Julianna now running up to the four. Carlyn was filled with mixed emotions. “YOU MURDERD LOGAN!” yelled Carlyn as she tackled Julianna. “look im sorry for what i did but i was being controlled by a dark fairy.” said julianna as Teddy and James priyed Carlyn off of her. “Well then prove it.” said Emma. “I can turn into a wolf and see if she is lying.” said Teddy as he got on all fours and slowly looked less human. His hands turned to paws, Skin turned to fur and eyes turned to a moonlight glow. “I was being coontrolled by a dark fairy who made me do all of those horibble things.” said Julliana tears starting to form in her eyes. Teddy turned back into a human. “She is telling the truth.” said Teddy looking shocked. “Are you sure this is the same Julianna you were telling me about?” asked Teddy. “You said she looked like a.” started Teddy but he was cut off. “Hey why dont we all start our beach day?” Said Carlyn cutting in. “Lets go!” shouted James. They all raced down to the ocean. " This is so fun!" shouted Emma as she dipped her head into the salty blue ocean. “AHHH JUST GRABBED MY LEG!” shouted Emma. Just then James poped out of the water. “Really!!!” yelled Emma. “Aww im sorry. wait… no im not.” laghed James. “its ok em it was funny.” said Carlyn as she patted Emma on the back. “ok fine. im going to work on my tan.” said Emma as she gave james a kiss on the cheek. Carlyn came out too. Julianna was out of sight. Teddy was lying on the beach sleeping. “on three.” grinned Carlyn. “one.” Said Emma. “Two” Wisperd Carlyn. “Three.” they chanted together. “WAKE UP!!!!” Yelled Emma and Carlyn at once. Teddys eyes poped open and soon sat up looking shocked. “What did I ever do to you!?!?” said Teddy looking fully awake. “We wanted something fun to do.” grinned Emma. Just then Teddy had a Grin on his face. He turned into a wolf and layed down. “We cant mess with him now.” said Carlyn. They all decided to put a tent up and collect wood for a bon fire.

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