Saved by Tia and Chris Brown

Chapter 31 of Scream Tour Love (A Scream Tour Love Story) On Hold

Itsss_Brittany by Itsss_Brittany

(Everyone is trapped in Jordan’s basement who lives down the street from the girls friend Tia)

Tia: Hey Jordan have you talked to Tee lately?
Jordan: No, she’s on tour with **.
Tia: Okay well if you talk to her before I do tell her to call me.
(Tia leaves)
Jordan: Damn that was close.
Star: Their friend Tia was looking for them.
Beauty: Oh.
(Meanwhile down in the basement)

Tee: Tia just texted me saying Chris Brown is her new boyfriend.
Britt: Did you tell her we’re trapped in Jordan’s basement!
Tee: I just did. She said she was just here.
Kay: And?
Roc: Chris just texted me saying they’re coming to get us.
Britt: Good because I’m hungry.
Neve: And a pregnant *****.
Prod: I’m hungry too but not pregnant.
Ray: I hope not.
(There’s a crash from upstairs and Tia comes downstairs)
Nae: Tia!
Britt: Come save me!
Tia: (frees them) Well come on Chris is stalling, out the window!
(everyone’s out but Britt)
Britt: I’m taking the door.
(Britt walks through the door)
Roc: Wow babe.
Tia: Okay, there’s the bus let’s go!
(Everyone runs to the tour bus)

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