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School Gyrls(end of day 1 and day 2 morning)

Chapter 24 of Were is miss right ** love story

rayrayswifey146 by rayrayswifey146

m:my name is gonna be jacque(jack-ie)
c:i’m gonna be mandy rain
j:well i love money so i’ll be mo-money
m:so what should our group name be
c:well we love school
j:and were girls
m:school gyrls
then ray ray walk out
r:whats so cool
m:we have a new group called school gyrls since zoey left and i’m jacque
mr:i’m mandy rain
mm:i’m mo-money
r:ok so how many songs do you guys have
m:idk i’m to lazy to count
m:let’s do out hair
mm&mr:sure so we went in to our room(there are three rooms one for us with a bunk bed and one bed the boys two bunk beds and the OMG girls two bunk beds) we sat on my bed and no this is how our hair look(just the hair not the person)
mandy rain:

m:we look fire let’s go to sleep so we hoped in our beds and went to sleep
me and the girls got up a 6:00am to go to rehearsals
we put this on
mm:it feels weird not wearing the same color
m:we still wearing the same color shoes
m:so let’s go we got off the bus and went into the dance studio everyone was there.
m:hey u guys
pri:what happend
m:what do you mean
pri:you guys are not wearing the same colors
j:no $#!t Sherlock
m:shut up and we know
pri:ok then
i look at him and plug up my i-pod
m:girls let’s worm up we did this
m:that was good 5 min break ray ray walk up to me and said what to show them the dance we to what my name?
me:r u sure
m:everyone look me and ray gonna show you a dance we did this i look over at nicki she was pissed it took all my will power not to laugh then Keisha walk in and said we have to free style for the next 3 hours so me and the girls did this
roc:you guys got skillz
prod:do you have any more dances?
m:yeah we made a whole bunch
pri:well we have three hours
m: ok
we did this
m:i have a dance to that want to see it
i did this
prod:damn i dident know you were that good
pri:yeah who knew
roc:she’s better then ray ray and i dident even think that was possible
ray:she’s ok i guess
m:ray you know i can beat you in a dance contest
everyone but me and ray:ohhhhhhhhhhhhh
r:no you can’t
m:well prove it
r:ok he got up and did this
m:good but i can do better
i did this
when i tap ray ray i knew i won
m:who won
omg gurls:ray
m: i have 4 votes and ray has 5 so i guess ray your the better dancer…for now
r:what do you mean for now
m:i mean i will beat you
r;wanna go again? first
r;ok,but insted of dance let’s sing
m:ok but you have to go first
r:i thought you can’t sing
m:i can’t so i guess your gonna win right
in my head:you don’t remeber that day in music do you?
in ray rays head:what did i just do i know she can sing better then me how can i fix this
r:how about we dance?
m:no were singing and i guess you remeberd
mr:remeber what
he did this he look at me the whole time
then i got up and ran to the bus grab my guitar it look like this and did this
everyones mouth’s drop open
who won
everyone except nicki:you
m: nicki even ray ray said i won why you gotta be the dumb one and say ray yes i know he can sing we all know that but they like my voice and so do u your just jealous that you can’t sing or rap and that ray like’s me more
everyone was quiet
n:no i’m not you just some skank ray ray felt sorry for
m:yeah right ya lil ***
n:if ray ray like’s you so much why am i pregnant and you not
m:pause ur pergnant
m:how many month’s
(it’s december 1st now)
n:2 why?
m:today makes 2 right
m:the baby is not ray’s it’s jacob’s
n:no it’s not
m:yes it is because me and ray we dating on the 31st and you were going out with Jacob and if today makes 2 it’s impossible for it to be ray’s unless he cheated on me and he dident and i know you nicki you go out with a guy for one day and you wined up getting it in so who’s the skank now
n:**** you
m:hahaha kiss my black, dominacian and Indian @$$
me and nicki were in each others faces now she growled at me i did it right back then she turned in this
then i turned into this
she jump at me and i duck and i bit her leg she tried to scratch my eye but she missed and got my back then we went back to human form.
everyone look at us like we ad two heds then jasmin pus me and this is what happend (i’m the one in the white) when ray broke it up i said i have two more things to sing i grab my guitar and sang this i was looking at jasmine the whole time with a smirk on my face then i look at ray ray we met eyes i put my guitar down and plug my i-pod up and sang i was looking at ray ray and i was crying hard when i finish i got up and ran out to the bus.
i just seen jacque run out i stood up walk over to ray ray
m:you know she’s in love with you right?and that she can’t date anyone because of you.
m:go talk to her
r:she’s not gonna listen
m:yes she will trust me she may be ghetto and hard core but she has a soft spot for you.
so he got up and left.
when i got on the bus i went to my room and i wrote a new song(pertend jb diden’t make the song)it’s called stuck in the moment it goes like this
when i finish i look up and i saw ray ray
m:listen i’m sorry for what i did.i should have never faught you girl and said those things and sang that song
r it’s ok,listen lashanta i came here to tell you we-
m:should just be friends i get it ray ray your better off without me i look out the window the sun was going down to think we spent the whole day there o well
r:no that’s not it i want to tell you that i love you and that i need you that my life is nothing without you that i;‘ll die if you weren’t there by my side then he sang will you be my girl
m:how will i know you won’t hurt me again.
r:this is how he grab my waist and kissed me for a long time i thought my mouth was gonna burst because of all the sparks
we just smiled

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