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Chapter 5 of Sirens (CAST CALL)

Sailing_Dreams by Sailing_Dreams

Note: This is just a sneak preview of the upcoming novel Sirens be aware this may or may not happen some point and time within the novel. This is just a brainstorming chapter!

“I know you like to sing! You have a beautiful voice.”

My face turned slightly red at his complement. “Thanks. But I don’t think I’m that great. Besides, what if someone else is better than me?”

“Are you kidding you put everyone in a trance at your alluring and mesmerising voice.” He chuckled.

The complement made me blush even harder. “Look,” he hands me a flyer. “A band called, the Sirens is holding auditions for a new singer… since their old singer quit for some unfortunate reason. You should totally audition for a spot in the band!”

I gazed at the paper in silence. But what if I’m not good enough?

“Could you think about it? Please.” I nodded my head, crumbling the flyer and stuck it into my purse.

“Thank you for the smoothie, but I have to go.” I turn to leave before he grabs my arm.

“Is everything okay?” His eyes held a worried gaze.

I cracked a small smile. “Yeah, everything’s fine! I’m just going to go clear my thoughts for a bit.”

He looked at me for a beat before releasing me from his soft grip.

That’s all I can think of as of now! I apologise for the sucky writing, but this is just an idea! The ell me what you think of it so far and I will updated more!

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