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Chapter 25 of ::15 and Pregnant:: Prequel (Completed)

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September 2, 2012 ; Sunday ; 10:32 PM ; DownStairs ( 4 months Pregnant )

Kyra POV:

I was so into my phone and stuff, i wasnt interested in there conversation….That was until i heard 7 Min -N Heaven. I looked up so quick. This was my game right here. This game is actually how me and Craig hooked up. I smiled to myself biting my lip and the flashback i had.-

Ray got the empty bottle from the kitchen. We all got in a circle on the floor so we could start the game. I sat by Ray, followed by Amyaia, Roc, Yani, Tri and Then Craig, who sat to my left. And of course as always we went over the rules

Ray: Okay ruless. First No Gettin Jealous, we all know who we love here. No catching feelings during the game. Girl on Girl, Hell Yess !….
all the girls looked at him like he was dumb. He looked between us and sighed
Ray: Alright fine, no girl on girl, and there deff no Boy on Boy…
All the girls looked at him and smirked
Roc: Oh hell to tha nawww, NO BOY on BOY…
Prod: Yea thats Just Gay and im Beyond Far from it…
Tri: He aint lien..
she mumbled, but i heard and so did craig obviously cause he looked at her and side smirked.
Yani: Finee…
Kyra: Is that all the rules ?? Cause im ready to start.!

Tri POV:

Look im cool whid kyra, but its like she too excided to start the game, and i kno she wants it to land on Prod. I aint slow, deep down inside I don’t trust that bxtcch. They always say keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

Tri: Okay Who Spinning first…?
Ray Raised his Hand
Ray: me because i got tha bottle duhh.
Amyaia: Wow…

-Ray Rolls his eyes playfully. He placed the bottle in the middle of the circle. He spins it hard making it go fast. It slowed down and landed it landed on Kyra, they went into the closet.

Ray POV:

We just stood there with a awkward silence
Kyra: Soo ummm wassuhp ?
i looked around kinda nervous
Ray: Nuthiiiinnngg … a lil bit of nuthin (lol yaw seen tha video hahah)
she laughed
Kyra: Ray u is so dumb..
great way to start a convo.
Ray: Soo tell me about this thing with you Tri and Craig ?

we sat down infront of eachother. She began to tell me eveything from the kitchen scene to when they were in the hall a while ago. I sat there gettin in everyword. I felt bad for Kyra cause i know how she feels about Craig. As soon as i was about to tell her my opinon, the door opened and they told us to get out.

I went to sit back next to my babygirl. She lay her head on my broad shoulder stroking my hand in hers. I kissed her forehead softly. I felt her smile a lil bit. Im glad im not in the mess they are in. I got the one i love right next to me and she love me back.

Ray: Okay whoo spinning ?
Roc: ill go

he span the bottle rubbing his hands together shaking his head smiling. I just chuckled looking away from him to my girl

Roc POV:

I was hoping it would land on Yani. I wanted to do a lil damage to this girl. The bottled was slowing down. It passed up Yani landing on Amyaia. She got from under Ray going into the closet. I then got up and went inside the closet as well I shut the door. We stood there looking at eachother.

I smiled then she smiled.
Myaia: Soo , Wassup Roc
Roc: You Know, Nun Much Just In The Closet With this Girl
Myaia: Mhmmm, Dont Be In There With No Ratchet Gir Nah.
She giggled
Roc: Oh Well Then Let Me Leave.
I say pretending To Open The Door, She pulled me back and we were really close together.
Myaia: So im Ratchet Now Roc,
she said smiling crossing her arms
Roc: Myaia You Know You Not Ratchet..
Myaia: And How Is That ?
She Smiled
Roc: Cause If You Was Ratchet, I Wouldnt Do This

i said deeply. I grabbed her face gently bringing my lips to hers. She kinda of hesitated at first but then she got into it. She drapped her short arms around my neck and was on her tip-toes. Our lips moved in perfect sync.

She opened her mouth giving me entrance and i entered. I felt bad but its like i couldnt control it. I grabbed both her legs lifting her from the ground to the wall as her legs wrapped around my body. I started to feel pleasure in this kiss so i moaned but not loud. We slowly started to stop. She bit my bottom lip pulling away.

-I looked at her and its like i started to feel some type of way with her. It wasnt no Brother Sister feeling. I felt Lust and Passion. I put her down, as she turned around, moving my hands to her thighs as she pushed me into the wall behind me. She started to grind real slow making me horney A’F. -

Roc: Damn Myaia..
I said biting my lip

I threw my head back a lil bit. She grabbed my hand interwinding them. She lifted it in the air and bent over making her axx jiggle slow. She looked back smiling making sure i was pleasured. Then the doorknob rattled and she stopped REAL quick and let go of my hand. It opened and we walked back to our seat like nothing happened.

Looking at yani who looked kinda of pissed, i thought to myself that this cannot be happening. I cannot be developing feelings for Myaia. I looked to Ray and he looked upset too. Wait, did they hear us ??!

Yani POV:

I am soo upset right noww that the bottle didnt land on mee. UGH! I wanted sometime alone with my baby. I love him so much. But maybe we can get our time noww, because it was my turn to spin the bottle. I smiled looking at Chres and he smiled back lightly.

It wasnt spinning really fast but it past up Roc and landed on Tri. I was Semi-Happy cause Tri is my friend and i have no problem just talking to her. The Boys did some childish ish talkin bout some “OOOOOOO” “Get IT” “Girl on Girl” they whistled and everything.

We looked at them and rolled our eyes with both entered with me closing the door. We sat down infront of eachother. I sparked up a convo about the whole thing involving Kyra Her and Prod. She explained to me That she is cool with Kyra but she just is scared that the lil feelings prod had for Kyra before would come back.

She says she trust him, its just that the past he has and the things he has done too kyra just makes her think that the same will happen to her. I told her my honest opinon. I told her that i dont think she likes and trust kyra. She then put her head down. She finally confessed it.

She said it wasnt like she didnt want to but, when they had that talk in the hallway she did said that she still loved him but didnt want him and that doesnt sound right to her. And to me i think she is right. When you love someone its hard not to notice them when there around. You keep your eye on them all the time and i have seen that for myself with Kyra and Prod. Quite frankly, They both have a thing for eachother obviously. But ion know what to tell Tri. I was thinking about sayin Leave Him , but we all know thats not going to happen.

our 7 Minutes came to a end and we exited the closet to al the boys smiling big.
Tri: TF yaw smiling for ?

they wiped all they smiles off they face and looked around. The girls giggled. We all looked tierd and so suggested we continue this game another day. We got up and headed up stairs. While i was walking up i wanted erbody to laugh. So i secretly tripped Roc and he slid down the stairs hitting his body on every step. He landed at the end on the stairs. We was cracking up in that Mo’Fo ! HA ! Shxt Was tooooooo Funny!.

He got up looking kinda of mad and he was rubbing his butt.
Roc: It aint even funni
he says walking up the stairs past us
Yani: Awww rocky bear u want me to make you feel better ?
he looked back smirking
Roc: You couldnt handle it the first time wat makes you think you can now..
everybody ohh and laughed extra loud as we entered the room

He put his finger up to his lips, and we all shut up.
Prince: Dang i know yaw see her sleeping..
Ray: Omg Prince we get it go back to sleep..

everyone went to there places to sleep. I was cuddled with Roc in the corner. We were whispered some things to eachother..
Yani: You wanna hit it from the back
i say grinding him a lil bit giggling lightly
Roc: u bettah stop before you start something you cant finish
he bit my neck seductivly pulling me closer. I turned my head so my lips could meet his.
Yani: Go head do it
i say panting just a tad bit
Roc: With eveyone in here ?
Yani: Soo they all sleep they wont hear us..
Roc: Yani you cant be loud okay.. u kno how you are when i put tha D on you
i hit him on his thigh
Roc: Oww guhh
he yelled in a hushed voice

I slowly pulled down my shorts and panties together. He pulled down his basketball shorts and i felt roczilla , i couldnt take it. I couldnt wait but i controlled myself. He sat up on his side on his elbow. He positioned hisself. He rubbed his “____” up and down my wet “______”.

Yani: Babe stop teasing me..
i slightly moaned

he went in slow and deep. He griped my waist tight stroking in and out. It felt so good. I grabbed his leg motioning him to pick up the speed a lil bit. His breathing ringed softly in my ear every stroke he took. I moaned so low. I wanted to be loud but i couldnt. My eyes closed loving this feeling.

I bit my lip intensly. My mouth opened, but nothing but lil noises came out. I hissed sexily only for him to hear. He stroked deep 4 times before i was like omg i cant keep going slow. I climbed ontop of him rolling my hips around. I couldnt bouce because then i would make alot of noise , so he started to pound into me slowly as i hovered over him tryning to keep down. He held my waist tight groanin a lil bit.

i bent over more kissing his sweet lips, pulling the cover over us and i continued to ride him. I felt him push into me and it felt like he exploded. I yelped in pleasure breathing heavy.

i staid there for a minute just kissing him. I got off slowly pulling back on my panties and shorts. He pulled his basketball shorts back upp.

He turned me his way and started to kiss meee long and hard. We eventually stopped and cuddled, falling asleep. I dreamt about me and Him and our future lives together.

::Alright that was the filler. Sorry it took long, i was on punishment for missing the bus :/ buuuuuuuuuuuuutttt im backkk :) and shout out too all my subbers and kommenters and to the people who got the correct person, i will shout you out next chapter at the beggining. It should be out sometime this weekend i believe. I think you guys gave me a really great idea. How about i add all the boys you suggested and maybe a couple more to the story, and hold a Casting Call..? How does that sound.? Tell me waht you think, or should i just keep it original and add them in the next book cause i really want to keep this whole first book about the pregnancy because thats wat this story is about. ! so tell em Either NOW or LATER : ) love you guyss keep calm and love “15 and Pregnant” LOL << bye::


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