Tears in the night

Chapter 10 of Head in the clouds

Pinkone200 by Pinkone200

Carlyn, emma and james were sitting on a bench at the park. it was 11:00. They buried Logan. Julianna was looking for them. Carlyn was gathering flowers while Emma Comported James. They decided to spend the night there and look after Logan’s grave. Carlyn and James were sleeping on the bench while Emma was awake. Just then five blurry shadows came from the night. they carried a sack. Emma knew who is was. Julianna and dark fairies. “guys wake up.” Emma was shaking James and Carlyn. they woke up confused. when they realized what was going on the got to there feet and were ready to fight. “looks like you’re outnumbered.” said julianna grinning. “But you’re outmatched you murderer.” retorted Carlyn. Emma Threw a water whip and knocked out one of the guys. James punched on person and they were knocked out. Carlyn made a fire bolt and struck two guys. Julianna was stunned. She ran. Carlyn and Emma chased after her. Emma tackled her while carlyn made a cage of fire around Julianna. “you are going to pay for what you have done.” said carlyn darkly. “no carlyn, you can do this.” said Lauren as the fire was closing in. “you can’t be like her, i know you are better than this.” said Lauren tears in her eyes. Carlyn stopped and looked around. They let Julianna go. They sat looking at the grave. Why did Julianna kill logan and not us? was it on accident or on purpose. was she going to get James next?

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