That evening of shadows and magic girls

Chapter 7 of Rika Luna: The Life And Times Of A Magical Girl

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I was on my way home. The sun was already setting on the small town that I lived in, which was quite a sight for this view. Rikiri told me they would see if they could fix my bike, so I was walking again. On this particular walk I felt many things. I had feelings of slight joy, fear, anxiety, anticipation, and… and… the feeling of being followed. I started to walk faster. Faster and faster as whoever was following me was still getting closer. There were noises coming from the trees along my path. Something swooped down at me, and it was a flash of…

Scarlet red.

“Rika!” She shouted, obviously out of breath. “I forgot to give you something!”

I screamed, since she DID jump at me from a TREE. Rin found this strangely amusing.

“Heh. Sorry.” She apologised. “I just forgot to give you something.”

She was hanging upside-down from the tree, and rustled through her jacket’s pockets. She handed me a slip of paper. It had three numbers on it.

“In case anything happens, you can call any of us.” Rin said, with a slight wink.

It was just fifty shades of uncomfortable. (I should be burnt for that reference.) The wink, and the fact that Rin dotted the i in her name with a HEART.

“Becoming a magical girl, you basically have a target painted on your back.” She explained. “You never know when an enemy- Wait a minute…”

Strange noises were coming from all around, which is definitely not a good sign.

“Well, this is good timing.” Rin said and got down from her perch on the tree.

“WHAT is good timing?” I nervously ask.

Something shot straight at her, but was deflected by the now enlarged sword charm that was her ‘trinket’.

“That.” She answered. “Keep your head down for this one.”

The creature revealed itself from a nearby alleyway. It looked like a dark mass of… I don’t even know what it’s trying to be. It’s form was… animalistic in some way, as it was on all fours. Rin just quickly put her hand on my head as a gesture for me to get down, to which I complied.

“You all really like picking on newbies, huh?” She chucled. “Well, this little lady is under my protection.”

She clashed her fists together, starting the transformation.

“And you had BETTER be terrified.” She yelled as her armor formed.

I’m not going to lie, That was completely bad-***.

The monster just went for me, but she was quick enough to be there in time. With a sword in hand, she took the opportunity to slice through the forearm. There was no blood, so I could deduce the thing was made of energy. I wanted to help, but I couldn’t figure out how to activate anything.

“Don’t worry.” Se said, acknowleging my attempt. “I’ve got this.”

The thing seemed to be trying to regenerate its limb, but Rin quickly got to the other forearm, then stabbed right through the back. The last hit seemed to take it down. Rin just turned to me, seemingly unfazed by the fight. She even seemed happy.

“That takes care of it.” She laughed. “Glad you got to see me in action! I’m guessing you now know what we’re dealing with, I trust?”

“I honestly have no clue.” I answered.

Rin just… shrugged.

“In a way, none of us really do.” Rin said. “These things just…attack us. They cause grief and misfortune for humans, but they have some sort of vendetta against us.”

A vendetta against magical girls? It makes sense that creatures that bring misfortune would want to take down those who protect the planet. (By the way, how can only 4 girls and a spirit protect a planet?)

“These recent ones are special, though.” she continued. “We’ve never seen ones made of pure shadow on earth since recently. A monster’s a monster, though.”

“Yeah… I guess.” I meekly agreed.

Rin looked like she was going to say something, but looked at the sky instead.

“Boy, we need to hurry to your place.” She said. “I’ll bet that your father is starting to get worried.”

“You’re right!” I gasped. “I need to-”

Rin instantly picked me up.

“Say no more!” she then said,

“Wait, what are you doing?!” I asked

“Getting you home the quickest way possible!”

“With warriors speed? Isn’t that totally unnecessary?!”


“Do you just like carrying me around or…?”

“Guilty as charged!”

It was almost admirable how she said that so shamelessly. Before I could react, she went into full speed. Both the wind and my heart were racing. My heart did so because I was still not used to being carried at high speed. We were at my doorstep in no time.

“Oh god, if anyone saw that…” I groaned.

“Don’t worry, Amy made sure to cloak it.”

“Wait, Amy’s here?!”

“Of course. Sakurai too.”

I could see them on two separate rooftops. I was… honestly not surprised. Amy was waving from the rooftops, and Sakurai glided down in her transformed state.

“We WERE to be there if anything attacked, but Rin insisted that she had it covered.” She explained. “Honestly, you call ME a showoff.”

“Says the girl with a transformation that blinds us every time you use it!” Rin playfully retorted.

Sakurai actually had an amused look, but turned to me.

“Now, my dear.” She said. “I’ve never really seen your house. Amy and Rin have, so I might as well, if you don’t mind of course.”

“I guess not…” I agreed. “I think he’d like to meet you.”

Sakurai just gave a sweet smile. It was hard to think she was my age when she acted so mature and motherly towards me. It was honestly very comforting, and much needed given my previous situation. We opened the door and came in. I came in, somewhat afraid. I kept wondering what my father would think of my silver hair and eyes, and it showed. Rin patted my shoulder.

“It’ll be fine.” Rin whispered. “I’m sure he’ll understand.”

I called out for my father, and he was home.

“Rika! You’re ho-” He said, and instantly jumped at the sight of visitors. “Oh! I, uh, didn’t expect you to bring visitors after-”

Realization hit him.

“So that’s what happens at those initiations.” He chuckles. “Do you know what… whatever you do?”

“I am happy to announce that Rika has the gift of the ability to shapeshift.” Rin announced. “She is a dark shapeshifter.”

Took him a bit to process it.

“I’m not going to lie.” He said. “That sounds awesome.”

Yup, that’s my dad.

“Looks pretty good in silver, too.” Rin said.

Just take the compliment.
Don’t even react.
Just. Take. The compliment.
(It didn’t even sound flirty, why am I freaking out at this?)


Rin just chuckled.

“Now, sir.” Sakurai said in the midst of our awkwardness. “I just wanted you to know that your daughter is in good hands.”

“Certainly so.” A familiar voice agreed.

“OH DEAR GOD WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?!” My father screamed.

It was RIkiri. She was perched quietly on Amy’s shoulder. Why am I not even surprised…?

“Oh, Hey ’Kiri!” Amy giggled.

“Hello, Amy” She sweetly replied, then turned to my father. “I’m Rikiri. I am a spirit that leads this team of magical girls.”

My father was just scared stiff.

“Trust me,” I said. “You get used to it rather quickly.”

He finally loosened up. He sheepishly rubbed the back of his head, messing his already messy reddish hair. The same hair I used to have.

“I guess.” He agreed. “I was married to one, but I still don’t know a lot about this.”

“Ah, yes.” Rikiri added, with a bit of hesitation. “A magical girl by the name of Starla. She was a very capable magic user.”

“…And the light of my life.” He added sadly.

Rikiri noticed what she was doing, cleared her throat, and attempted to change the subject.

“So!” She chuckled nervously. “Um…”

Rin took over.

“We thought we could hang out with Rika for a bit! Discuss… magical girl things!”

“Yes! Magical girl things!” Amy chimed in.

“…What.” Sakurai mumbled.

“Oh! Uh… Sure.” My father agreed, broken out of his sad gaze.

I felt Rin pick me up… again. Is it weird I’m growing used to it already?

“To the bedroom!” Rin announced.

“TO THE BEDROOM!” The other three soon followed.

“…What.” I mumbled as Rin sprinted up the stairs with me in her arms.

Oh god, they were even chanting “TO THE BEDROOM!” while coming up the stairs.

I could hear my father laugh.

“Oh god, I like these girls already.”

At least THAT’S a good sign. The three girls tried door after door in the narrow corridor of the second floor, and failed spectacularly. When they finally got to my door, the third on the left, I was plopped onto my bed.

“There we go!” Rin sighed. “Awkward moment avoided.”

“Awkward moment avoided!” Amy cheered.

“Yes, girls. Thank you.” Rikiri laughed. “Very…comical. We didn’t have to make much of a scene, though.”

My room was untidy as usual. My paper sketches all over my desk like a nest around my bulky laptop computer. I had a whole array of clothing, manga, and art supplies scattered on the floor. The three girls and spirit seemed to pop out from the dreary greys of my bedroom walls and floor. They were just as out of place in my room as I felt… anywhere, really. We all talked untill nightfall, which is when they left.

“Now, dear.” Sakurai said before leaving. “If you don’t mind, we would like to see you tomorrow. Any time will do, as tomorrow is saturday.”

I nodded as she left.

Rin left me with a pat on the head and a weird wink. Amy… Oh amy. She gave me a tackle hug, and Sakurai had to PRY her off of me. My dad found this quite amusing. All three of them had left, and I went to my bedroom in exhaustion after a quiet dinner. I slumped onto my messy bed. My thoughts were filled with possibilities of what would happen tomorrow. If there are really things like what I saw earlier, I’m much more nervous than I was before. All there was now was to wait.
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