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Chapter 38 of I Love My Step-Brother !!!! (Roc-Royal Story)

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Nae told me to head over to her house just to chill with her and the boys I take a shower and put on a Jawan Harris shirt, yoga shorts, and my black ugg boots! I walk over and wait on them to come back so I go in Naes room and lay down I hear them come in and walk downstairs and I nearly slapped the s*** outta roc! This girl was very pretty she was a redbone , her hair was down her back, curvy, short , pretty big brown eyes, dimples and all! She was kissing all on roc and stuff and roc was kissing all over her !
I was standing there in shock
Prince: Portia Portia you ok?
Portia: mucho I’m fine :)
Nae: well this is my friend her name is liyha
F*** Nae I was really starting to like roc!
Portia:hi your very pretty:)
Liyha: thanks and your ehhh never mind
Portia: well ok then…:-/
Gwen: hey baby cakes what did you get me at the mall?!
I run up to Naes bedroom and I get my bag and I pull out the brand new g-shock that just came out, and a picture of me and my brother Kirko yes I saw him today:P
Portia: well I got you the brand new g-shock the one that came out today! And I saw Kirko at the mall!
Gwen:THANKS AHHHH! You saw yo bruh swag!
Portia:no problem:)
I walk and sit down and so does everybody eles
Roc and liyha go upstairs
Prod: so babe you have fun today
Gwen: yeah it was really fun I enjoyed it alot thanks baby:)
Prod: anything for my queen:)
I start texting and I hear the headboard hitting the wall
Liyha: Ohhhh roc…. Yes baby……. Faster….. Faster…..uh…….roc roc….. Don’t stop
Roc: dang baby
My eyes start to water I try to hold them in I have cried so much I look at my phone and then it gets louder
Roc: liyhaaaaaaaaa
Then the sound dies off I sit there in totally shock! Roc would Do something like that and he knows I love him Gwen is my bestfriend so she knows when something is wrong
Gwen: Portia , can you come to the bathroom with me real quick and show me how to do a now bun
Portia: ok
I walk upstairs and walk past the room andhear roc grunting
I take a deep breath in and let it out
We get to the bathroom and she locks the door
Gwen: you ok
Portia: no I’m not ok I know he still didn’t forgive me! Or eles if roc had feelings for me he wouldn’t go and do that that hurts a lot to hear the person you love in there f*** ING another girl !
Gwen: so you love him it’s not a like thing
Portia: yes Gwen I love roc !
Gwen: dang
Portia: is it because I won’t give my v- card up to him?! I mean that girl is beautiful and look at me Gwen just a ugly light skinned girl!
Gwen: Portia you are nowhere close to ugly !
Portia: yes cause roc doesn’t care that my feelings are hurt now!
Gwen: it’s ok babe let’s go
Rocs POV
So Portia loves me man I f-Ed up bad man I feel so sorry!
I hear them about to leave so I run downstairs
Portia comes downstairs
Portia: bye you peoples I’m gonna get going peace gwen you staying r
The night?
Gwen: yeuop
Portia: lol alright:D
I walk out and leave and I text mucho
Portia: mucho we haven’t texted in sooo long:P
Mucho/prince : Ikr I miss my bestfriend !
Portia: right ok so I saw these really cute glasses that made me think of you when I was at the mall!
Mucho/prince: you should have got them for me heffa:P
Portia: prince I’m gone turn around and beat the mess outta you!
Prince: ahahahaha:P hey I’m bout to take a cat nap lol:)
Portia: bye:)
End of text convo
I get home and I feel horrible headache and cough and sore throat and fever!

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