The Battle

Chapter 9 of Head in the clouds

Pinkone200 by Pinkone200

They crept into Julian’s basement. Emma was still dressed in all black. They saw julianna Reading a book ‘mind controlling for lunar fairies’ “play along.” Emma whispered to Carlyn. Carlyn noded in response. Julianna turned around. “Oh, hello. What is THAT doing here!” yelled Julianna. “Julianna i brought her back here to question her on what she knows.” said Emma trying to keep a straight face. “good, now i need to finish my homework so just write everything down that she says.” said Julianna walking up the stairs. “ok lets set a trap.” said Emma. “we can tell her we are outside and we can call a garden fairy to make a maze like in the goblet of fire!” wispeard Carlyn. They called Carlyns cousin Rosie and she made a large grass maze. the girls called logan and james to take a corner at the maze together on the east, Emma and Carlyn at the west then rosie and chrissie at the very end of the maze. “where are you Emma?” Julianna called from the house. “out here.” yelled Emma. they put a charm on the door so when she went outside she could not go back in. “What is going on here, what’s with the maze!” yelled Julianna. “you have to find us, btw im good again!” shouted Emma in triumph. After a few minutes Emma and Carlyn heard footsteps. “There you are.” huffed Julianna. “you know how long i walked for?” shouted Julianna furious. “2 minutes,wow you’re really out of shape” said carlyn giggling. “here let me burn the calories” said Carlyn throwing a fireball at juliana. Julianna ducked and ran toward Emma. Julianna threw an uppercut at Emma. Emma kicked julianna away and rapped her in a water wip. Julianna doged. heated the floor ‘juliana is not wearing shoes.’ Julianna hopped on the heage and threw a rock. “Logan coming to the rescue!” just then julianna kicked him and he fell. Carlyn was red with anger. “oh dear god, this is not going to be pretty.” signed Emma. Carlyn ran at julianna and threw knives of fire julianna fell. Emma kicked julianna in the head and Julianna was knocked out. “yo james! come get your psycho ex!” yelled Emma. James came to get Julianna and walked to her house. Carlyn rushed to logan and tears ran from her eyes. Logan had a bad cut on his head and was bleeding. " Emma, Can you use healing water?" carlyn asked lifting his head with tears coming down. Emma just came over, got a bottle of water and levitated it on logan’s forehead. Emma looked for a pulse and looked in horror. she walked to carlyn and gave her a hug. Logan was dead.

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