The Cabin

Chapter 29 of Head in the clouds

Pinkone200 by Pinkone200

“I can’t believe your brother knocked out Kailyn!” said James in awe. “Is he on our side or the evil?” said Carlyn. “I don’t know but he did save us so that’s what is important now.” said Teddy. “we are here, lets go lower.” said Teddy diving down. They all followed and were soon in the middle of the forest surrounded by trees and a cabin. It was decent sized with a hammock on the front porch. “i forgot, so you can talk when your an animal?” asked Carlyn. “yeah, but only if i choose.” said Teddy opening the door. They walked into a nice cabin with no electronics in sight. “my phone won’t work” said Emma trying to get service. “mine won’t either.” said James. “Electronic free, so they can’t track us.” said Teddy smiling. “No harry potter!” yelled Carlyn. “we have the books” said Teddy. “Ok I’m good.” said Carlyn, Re leaved. “No movies?” sighed James. “We still have a fridge right?” said Emma. “no, we hunt for food.” said Teddy. “how do you survive? James barley lasted a day in ballerina camp.” You were not supposed to tell anyone that!" yelled James “Okay lets go hunting.” said James. “You and I will go hunting while the girls stay here.” said Teddy. “Wait, how come we have to stay here?” said Emma with her hands on her hips. “Well i can shape shift and you have a wanted poster with your name on it.” said Teddy. “at least let me come to, I can use my water powers to catch fish.” Pleaded Emma. “all right, fine. James you stay here.” said Teddy. “oh thank goodness, i just got a pedicure and i don’t need another hang nail.” said James plopping on the couch. Everyone stared at him. “what? I can’t be neat?” he said going upstairs. “Be safe.” said Carlyn as she gave teddy a big hug. “i will be fine, if anything happens shoot sparks into the sky.” he said. They kissed and Emma said. “Well i feel loved, my boyfriend is upstairs pouting.” she said as she grabbed a bow. “where is your weapon?” asked Emma confused. Teddy turned into a wolf. “There it it.” grinned Emma. And they left into the woods.

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