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Chapter 5 of Head in the clouds

Pinkone200 by Pinkone200

Emma did not know what to do. She liked him but she just met him. after about a minute or so she had made her decision.“I would love to.”emma said. “great,wana walk up to the park?” asked james. “i would love to” said emma as they held hands. but what they didn’t know was that julianna was watching them.“ugh, that girl is going to get in the way of my plans.but james will be mine whether he wants to or not.” Julianna said to herself. while grinning to herself and running to the park Logan and Brady were watching. “dude we gotta help james, Julianna is insane.” whispered logan. “yep, Lets go.” said Brady as the ran off to the park. Emma and james went up to the park and sat on the benches. “I’m really having fun.” said Emma. as they lent forward for a kiss there was a soccer ball heading straight towards them. it missed them and they just sat there shocked. " dangit i missed." whispered juliana as she was hiding in a bush. as she was gonna throw a softball each of her arms were grabbed by logan and Brady. " oh… hey guys what are you doing here." Said julianna trying to sound innocent. “oh give it up, were taking you home” said Logan. as they left Chrissy showed up. “YOUR NOT BREAKING UP JEMMA!” shouted chrissy. “what?”asked Logan. “Me and my friend Carlyn were thinking of ship names for them and what was funny,she is a fire fairy, she burned julianna in math class. i cried laughing” explained Chrissy. " Wait that was her!" screamed Juliana. As they left emma and James were holding hands, and at last, they kissed.

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