The Finale

Chapter 27 of Head in the clouds

Pinkone200 by Pinkone200

he smiled at her “Long time no see.” “What happened to you, your dead we buried you.” said Carlyn squeezing Logan to make sure it was real. “after i got hit in the head i fell into a coma, they made a fake body to put there and after i woke up about a week ago. They kept me prisoner.” he said moving her hair behind her ear. “um, who are you.” said Teddy getting between Carlyn and Logan. “I’m sorry, is this your brother or something?” he said with a grin. “Her boyfriend, actually” he said as his eyes turned yellow. “Logan after you died i was heart broken and we just started dating a few days ago.” said Carlyn trying to keep peace. “Forgetting someone?” smirked Julianna. Teddy, Carlyn and Logan jumped back. “Its three against one” said Carlyn getting her wings ready. “Actually, not” said Juliana pressing a button on a remote. Logan stood up straight and stayed still. “Kill them” says Julianna as she sits in a chair. Just then Logan looks over at Carlyn and Teddy and comes charging at them. Carlyn Flew out of the way and teddy turned into a bull and rammed into him. Carlyn flew off to go find Emma. (Mean while) Emma went around and hid backstage. Kailyn was on the phone talking to someone. “I know, i ha-” she was saying but was cut off. Emma got a huge water bubble around Kailyn and turned the water to ice. “Where is James!” yelled Emma. Kailyn smirked. “You want him? come get him” she said. Kailyn pointed to the ceiling and Emma saw James tied up and hanging by a thread over a vat of fire. Emma flew up and cut him down. “Thanks.” said James looking up at Emma. Kailyn was out of her ice prison and had black fog all around her. “I knew any friend of Julianna’s could never be trusted!” said Emma with her wings glowing. Kailyn smirked. “Good night.” she said. Just then the fog was thrown at Emma and James, They were out cold. They woke up in a prison cell, must be in a new location. Emma was in a cell with Logan and James and Carlyn were in a cell with Teddy. “Logan! your alive?” said Emma hugging him. “Logan? That you bud! your dead?” said James confused. Logan explained what happened. Just then a door opened. Justin walked in, looking as happy as ever. “Well well well.” said Justin. “what well?” said Logan Everyone glared at him. He opened the cell and took out Emma, who was chained. “Hello my sweet.” Said Justin running the back of his hand against Emma’s Cheek. She scowled at him. “At least thats not me.” said Carlyn Holding Teddy’s hand. “You know how valuable you are to us? With your water energy, we could harness it and destroy all good magic forever.” said Justin pulling in Emma tighter. “Join us, and you can have your true life. Power, money and me.” he said. Emma looked at him disgusted. “You see this? love potion. One drop of this and you will be falling for me like its meant to be.” He said leaning in. Emma head butted him and got the key tied around his belt. She unlocked her chains but fell to the ground. “Oh, you just made a huge mistake.” He said electrocuting her. He poured the whole jar of love potion into her mouth and she swallowed. Emma came up and put her arms around him. “Why don’t you go to make sure the plan is going good and i will deal with the prisoners?” she said whispering into his ear softly. “Anything, then we can have some alone time.” Said Justin. He leaned over and full on kissed Emma. She shoved him back. “wait.” she wait smiling. He left the room and Emma spit on the floor. “Great, now i have to disinfect my mouth.” frowned Emma. “How come it didn’t work?” asked James as she unlocked the doors. “I guess I’m already in love.” she smiled kissing him on the cheek. They were leaving the cell until Logan grabbed Emma’s arm. “I need to talk to you.” he said. “what about?” asked Emma. “Look, i know their plans. They are going to suck out your energy which will kill you.” Said Logan. Emma looked down. “Where is she!” yelled Kailyn outside of the cells. “I will go fetch them.” said Juliana scared. She ran and got the two. They both looked down with their hoods over their heads. “you can go, we don’t need you.” they said shoving aside the figure in the yellow messy hoodie. “now, get into the energy machine. or we can do this the hard way.” said Kailyn. The red jacket jumped off into the vat of fire and never spoke another word.

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