The flight

Chapter 2 of Head in the clouds

Pinkone200 by Pinkone200

“Im a what?” asked emma. “your a fairy, so are we. there are different kinds and you are a water fairy,i’m a fortune telling fairy, i see the future, James is a summer fairy, his wings have sparkles, and the rest are luners. that means they are lunar fairies, they get there strength from the moon.”Chrissie explained.“Here let me show you, follow me.” said james as he held his hand out. " watch out for this one Emma." Julianna whispered. Emma took his hand and they ran up the stairs to go to the roof of the school. " Do you trust me?"James asked. “should i be worried?”Emma questioned. “just… Do you trust me”repeated James. “I guess so?” said emma. “But why are you…” she couldn’t finish because james pushed her off the building. “WHAT ARE YOU CRAZY!” she yelled. “Just think of water.” Screamed james. Emma did as he said but in that split secound when she was about to hit the ground she stoped. she was floating in mid air. as she looked behind her she saw a pair of big,light blue wings keeping her in the air fluttering back and forth. She flew high in the sky up to the clouds.“OMG this is amazing.Were are you?” she shouted. “James?” there was no answer. when she looked down she saw two men talking to him.

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