The men in black

Chapter 3 of Head in the clouds

Pinkone200 by Pinkone200

Emma stayed in the clouds listening to the conversation. " Are you James Lupin?" Asked the first man. “it depends who’s asking, if i’m in trouble then i’m pablo smith.” James said stern. “look kid, we just wanna ask you a few questions about emma.” said the officer. “did you tell her she is a fairy?” asked the second officer. “No chrissy is the one who told her, but are the rumors true? is she the one?” asked james filled with curiosity. " Well we think she is, but i want you and you little band of misfits to protect her. if they find out who it is then life as we know it will be no more." said the first officer. “we must be off, and don’t say anything about this.” as the officers flew away Emma flew down to the roof. “how do i get back to normal?” asked emma. “just think of fire, the opposite, i think of winter.” answered james. Emma did so and soon her wings were gone. " now, WHAT THE HECK WAS THAT ABOUT!’ shrieked Emma. " ok, but don’t freak out, hundreds of years ago dark fairies roamed the earth, they spread evil and hate cause to them it was like a game. the light fairies, that’s us, stopped them and after years of war we won, but the only way they can get back to power is if a lunar fairy or a dark fairy turns the lightest source of good energy evil then they will be back. and emma, you are the only water fairy left, water fairies are the most powerful source of energy, you are our only hope to keep the world in balance."

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