The Origins Of Alexandria’s Genesis

Chapter 1 of The Girl With Purple Eyes

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Alexandria Augustine was a European woman. She was born in the year of 1432, and died in 1612. She was the first to be mutated by the genesis. She was a genius, although few knew. She was also frightened. She wanted to become immortal after she watched her father die from ‘The Black Death’. She watched him suffer, and ever since feared pain, she feared death.

She spent her whole life trying to invent a vaccine that allows you to live forever, (Legend has it that she actually did, in fact, create a stone of immortality. But it is lost deep in the universe.) she traveled the world, searching in different countries and cultures, looking for myths or legends of immortal humans, practicing sacred rituals, reading even the most ancient of literature, but her attempts were in vain.

She wasn’t searching correctly to find the elements of immortality. She was looking where the humans dominates, what she needed, was where no man roamed. She had to prove herself to the universe, that involved surviving the most brutal wonders this world can offer, without the use of civilization.

While Alexandria was studying the supernatural gods in India, a wise old man had taught her the ways of the universe, he explained to her that she must travel like a Bedouin for one month. Thirty days. The man had told her she must be one with the world, and come to trust in the three most crucial elements of this world : air, water, and fire.

First, she spent ten nights and ten days in the Pacific Ocean, having been told how to act in the water, never touching any of the creatures, instead, allowing them to willingly come to help her, and search for a strip of ebony in the depths of the ocean. Alexandria loved the water, how could she miraculously be surrounded by air yet feel the water on her? She didn’t know, but she loved it. She loved the bubbles she made when she exhaled. She loved the songs of the whales. She loved the playful fish that nipped her body as she swam further into the water. She loved the dolphins, how they protected her from danger, and if she needed help swimming and got tired, two of them would press their bodies to her sides, holding her, and swam with her, or would allow her to hold onto their dorsal fins.

Alexandria found the baton on the seventh day of her stay in the ocean, but continued to live there for the next three days to pay her debt to the water of this universe.

As dawn seeped its way into the tenth night, a million seagulls and pelicans flew out to sea like a swarm of bees, and dove into the sea in unison, and carrying Alexandria out into the air. They flew her very high – so high it is impossible to see the ocean if you look down – where a beautiful crane fifty times the size of any ordinary, was elegantly circling the sky. The seagulls and pelicans gently placed her on the back of the crane, then returned to sea.

Alexandria explored the sky on the back of her companion. She loved every second of it, the cool breeze in her hair, the comforting sound of the crane’s wings flapping echoing through the air, the wind whipping her face, the singing of all of the beautiful birds that joined her in the sky. It was wonderful, she couldn’t describe it, she loved the world, she loved life, she could never leave, and she had to live forever. Now not only due to her fear of death, but also to the fact that she loved life, and the world that made life worth living.

Her third day in the sky, Alexandria saw it, a medallion. It was silver, how can it possibly be light enough to be lifted by the winds? It just was. The crane flew over to the necklace, and Alexandria grabbed it. She examined it, it was light, but most definitely 24 karats silver. It was a thin, circular shape, with a hollow square in the center. This is what she was looking for.

On the morning of her tenth day in the sky. The crane flew her to a fire like no other, it was large, and got hotter, then cooler. At first, it was deep orange, then it dissolved into a blood red, then a blue as dark as sapphire, then a purple as deep as my eyes, then a blinding white, that can be compared to nothing. How can it be white fire on Earth? Alexandria did not know. But she did know something was glimmering in the fire, it was beautiful, but she couldn’t comprehend what it was. She was inching closer to it, trying to see it without burning herself from the fire. Eventually she stepped into the fire, but it wasn’t hot. It was warm, comfortable. As Alexandria realized what happened, curiosity seemed to take over her body, she went for the object.

She got to it; it was a vambrace, gold, 24 karats. The fire didn’t leave even on mark on the armor, but it was hot. The metal heated up easily, but didn’t melt even in the white fire? It was the way things worked. Alexandria spent the rest of her week and half relaxing in the comforting warmth of the fire. But when dusk came along at the end of her journey, the crane returned, only to take her back to India to see the man. She brought her odd items to the man, asking what she must do with them. He told her that the universe accepted her ritual, she will live over 100 years, as will her descendants. Alexandria was still scared, what happened after her century? She continued to search for immortality. But only myth stands by her stone.

Throughout the rest of her life, she wondered how her treasures were hers to be found. How did the ebony not flow away? How was the silver medallion light enough to be carried by the wind? How did the vambrace not burn or melt?

How? I’ll tell you how. Reality is stranger than fiction. This is not just some book you found in the library. It’s real. Do NOT forget that. It is impossible for you to lose your sight of reality because your reality is a fantasy. A fantasy, yet 100% real. I watched you, you are strange to the eyes that are strange to you. To us. This is why you must learn about us. This is why I must give you this information.

Alexandria had three children, one boy and two girls – their names are unknown – she gave one object to each of her children when they came of age. The children were also mutated, since birth due to their mother, but something unexpected happened to the children, their mutation was stronger than their mother’s.

No one understands why, but the genesis gets stronger generation after generation. Another strange fact is that each child had a control over the element where their object was found.
The children’s children had these powers too, except it was stronger than the previous generation, and each of Alexandria’s grandchildren, was the first generation with the strange anomalies of Alexandria’s Genesis. They had black hair. Their shimmering white skin resisted tanning and burning. They never had hair other than what they were born with. They had perfect vision, even in the dark. Their immune systems were highly evolved; they resist every disease known to man.

Generation after generation, the characteristics grew stronger, and even more were discovered. But, the symptom that’s been most lionized and famed, is our glorious lavender eyes. This was the first characteristic of the mutants; even Alexandria Augustine had deep purple eyes. It’s the symbol of Alexandria’s Genesis.

Purple eyes symbolize the fact that you are one under the genesis. However, this is not the most important trait, every mutant has the ability to control one of the three elements where the objects were found.

You have just learned the secrets of Alexandria’s Genesis. You are now accepted as one of us.

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