The Stormy Night part 1

Chapter 24 of Head in the clouds

Pinkone200 by Pinkone200

“Here, take my jacket em. Its pouring outside.” said James from the car. Emma blushed and accepted the jacket. He kissed her cheek and she went inside her house. Her parents were gone on their anniversary so Emma just made a TV dinner. “No parents…Harry Potter Marathon!” grinned Emma going upstairs to put her pj’s on. Just then there was a loud bang and the lights went out. Emma ran to the hall, frighten. “Stupid Fuse” said Emma frowning at the fuse box. She went down stairs to find her TV dinner missing. “Good food, turkey is a little dry thogh.” said a cold voice from behind. Emma turned around to find the source and saw Justin sitting on her couch. “What are you doing here.” Scowled Emma with her arms out and ready to fight. “I just thought we could have a little chat, or we could do this the hard way.” he said in a taunting matter. Emma sprinted and did an upper cut making contact with his chin. He wiped little drips of blood off his mouth and his face turned serious. “Wrong answer.” he said, his face turning dark. Emma looked frighten and ran toward the door, but was tackled from behind. “Lights out.” said Justin in a devilish grin and all Emma saw was a fist coming at her face and then darkness. Emma woke up and found her arms and legs tied to the chair she was sitting on. “Have a nice nap, hon?” said the same cold voice from behind. “Listen, you just need to answer a few questions for me. If you answer correct, nothing will happen. If you don’t… lets just say you will be in for a shock.” he said grinning in her face. “Is your name Emma.” said Justin looking down at the lie detector she was hooked up to. “yes” said Emma weakly. The machine was the same. “good, now where dose James live?” said Justin listing closer. “I’m not selling him out.” spat Emma. Justin frowned. “sorry, but looks like its plan B” said Justin. He put a bandana forcefully in Emma’s mouth and rubbed his hands together. He grabbed her wrists and sent waves of electricity up her arms. Emma tried to scream but was unable to, she passed out again from the pain. She woke up unstrapped from the chair on the ground, her phone was in her pocket. She got her phone and dialed the number. “c…ccarrlyn” Emma said weakly, trying to get the words out. “Emma? are you okay?” said Carlyn concerned to her phone. “h…. h….lp” said Emma unable to speak, finally giving up. “on the way.” said Carlyn hanging up. Minutes later Carlyn didn’t bother knocking and barged in. “Emma!” said Carlyn reaching for her fallen friend. After a few hours Emma was a little better and propped up on the couch. “Can you heal yourself?” asked Carlyn. “I think so, Water.” said Emma. Carlyn got a cup of water and put it in front of Emma. Emma healed herself and her phone rang. “hello Emma, we are going to end summer. Come to have a scoop.” said a voice, Justin. Emma looked horrified and tears filled her eyes. “They have James!”

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