The Stormy Night part 2

Chapter 25 of Head in the clouds

Pinkone200 by Pinkone200

“how do you know?” Said Carlyn trying to calm Emma down. “Justin and his friends did something to me. I told them everything about James and now this is all my fault. I knew they were trying to get information and i should not have been by myself. I’m so stupid!” explained Emma as she got her bag and started shoving things in. “Emma, this is not your fault. You couldn’t have known and even if we were all together they still would get the better of us.” said Carlyn. “What are you doing anyway?” “I need to go get him back, alone.” said Emma making her way to the door. Carlyn defensively stood in front of it as Emma tried to twist the knob. “No, Em you know i trust you and i know you are strong but you cant do this alone. I will go get Teddy and Kailyn. We will figure this out.” said Carlyn running out. Emma got her things together and headed to Teddy’s house with Carlyn. They didn’t bother to knock on the door and ran inside to see if Teddy was okay. “Teddy!” Carlyn shouted. The house was quiet, all except for a small click. A wolf was walking down the stair case growling at the girls. “That’s teddy, something is wrong with him.” Said Carlyn. Just then, The wolf leaped for Emma. Emma threw a vase and hit his back. The wolf fell and collected itself. By the time it did it was sprinting for the girls as they ran out of the house. “Remember training yesterday?” said Emma as they were running down the street. “Emma its too risky, what if we fall. It could catch up to us.” said Carlyn. “better than nothing.” said Emma. The wolf was a few feet behind. Carlyn finally gave in, the counted to three then jumped and grew wings. They were off the ground and soared into the clouds. “It worked, now lets get to the school. I’m betting if they are anywhere they will be there.” said Emma. “wait, first we need to help Teddy.” said Carlyn looking down at a black dot on the ground. “fine, but if it goes bad we have to leave him.” said Emma going down. Carlyn nodded and she went to the ground. The wolf stared at her and growled, defending its self. “Teddy, its me. I know there is some good in you, they hurt you but i know you are there. Just please, i know you and you know me, i wont hurt you. Wolf, dog, human, i will still love you the same.” said Carlyn with tears in her eyes. The wolf slowly walked toward Carlyn, she closed her eyes in fear and opened them to find herself wrapped in Teddy’s arms. “lets go get James back, yeah?” grinned Teddy.

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