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Chapter 5 of Rika Luna: The Life And Times Of A Magical Girl

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Another day of school, another blow to my self-esteem. It’s just that now, I have a whole new world of things to worry about. I probably shouldn’t dwell on it. But as my now beat up bike was (stupidly) left at the base of those three girls and Rikiri, I now had to walk to school. My father was already frantically getting ready for his work, so I’d rather not bother him by asking him for a ride. I instantly went out of my house in a jog with toast in my mouth… then instantly realized running with a freaking piece of TOAST in my mouth only made me look ridiculous. I wasn’t even in a rush today, why am I running like I’m some anime schoolgirl? I had a chuckle at that stupidity on my way to the school. I wouldn’t even be late if I just walked, as I woke up early today. It probably wouldn’t matter as no one would really notice my absence… or even really care. Just as planned, I was on time. My advisory period (like homeroom, but in the morning) was to start soon with my class already heading towards the classroom. People avoiding looking at me as always. It was filled with your typical “pretty-girls” and jocks, save for Sumato.

(Oh god, he’s in MY class!)

In the midst of everyone talking to friends, and my quiet doodling on notebook paper, the teacher got up as if she was about to announce something important. She was even standing up, which was a pretty rare thing.

“Now students. I know you are aching to move along with your days, but I have an importan announcement.” She said.

Another correct observation by Ms. Rika Luna. Go me, I guess.

“We have three new female students joining our class today. Please welcome them, and make them feel at home.”

I was anticipating the three new girls, as they walked in. But then I saw three distinct colors that were their hair colors.


Oh dear god.

It was Rin, Sakurai, and Amy. In the flesh, and in full school uniforms. I instantly went into an internal panic as they looked RIGHT at me. They KNEW I was here. I like them and all, but seeing them in my school is a complete shock. I’ve heard about taking your work with you, but this is pretty ridiculous.

“These are Rin, Amy, and Sakurai.” The teacher announced. “These 3 ladies will be your new classmates from now on, so make them feel at home.”

They all went to introduce themselves.

“The name’s Rin.” Rin grinned, noticing the guys stares. “Don’t even think about it, boys.”

She obviously wasn’t into it. She then instantly looked at me, and her “badass girl” aura seemed to fade as she gave me a smile and headed to sit NEXT to me, which was met with weird stares.

“My name is Sakurai.” Sakurai said. " Me, Rin, and Amy are all family friends. I hope to do my best in this school."

The boys were also pretty taken by her. I wasn’t surprised, though. Like Rin, she obviously wasn’t into their reactions. A lot of seats were open by me, so she sat next to me as well.

“What are you two DOING here?” I whispered.

Rin just made a “Shh” motion and pointed towards Amy with a wink.

“We’ll explain later.” Sakurai whispered.

Amy was introducing herself now.

“What’s up, people!” She cheered. “I’m Amy! I’m super glad to be here in this school, and I’m gonna try super hard like Sakurai said she would!”

Like the other two, she took a seat at my table. Advisory period was almost over and I was to embarrassed to look at any of the girls sitting next to me. People were amazed they were sitting next to me, and my face was red. Rin tapped my shoulder.

“During lunch, Rika.” She said with a ‘keep it a secret’ wink.

Rin looked around.

“Wow, are they really surprised there are people sitting next to you?”

I couldn’t answer.

“Weird. Have you always sat alone here?”

I still couldn’t answer. C’mon Rika, think! Before I could speak,the bell for first period rang. Rin then grabbed my wrist so she could fist-bump my hand.

“Catch ya later, newbie.” She whispered to me.

I still didn’t get why they were here. I just wanted a normal day, and whatever I’ve been pulled into is now following me around. It’s not even certain if I’m an actual magical girl! I only had to wait until lunch, which came quicker than I had hoped. I sat at my normal lonely spot, where Rin, Sakurai, and Amy followed. “This is a lovely school you attend, my dear.” Sakurai spoke.

“Food here is awfull, though.” Rin chuckled. “How do you properly DIGEST this? This sandwich literally feels like it’s made with sand instead of flower!”

“Wow, talk about a…” Amy sneered, prompting a pun.

Rin and Amy gave eachother a look.

“Don’t you two DA-”

“…SAND-wich!!!” Rin and Amy joked in unison

Oh god… Don’t laugh, Rika. DON’T. LAUGH.

“Both of you, for SHAME.” Sakurai yelled. “You shouldn’t be making such awful puns.”

I couldn’t hold it. I broke down, face to the table, hiding myself joining Rin and Amy’s laughing. Hiding it didn’t work one bit.

“Well, that’s one way to cheer her up.” Rin smirked.

“I swear, all of you have an awfull sense of humor.” Sakurai groaned.

“Yes we do, and I love it.” Rin chuckled. “Any way… I think it’s time for some explanation.”

Rin looked around, probably so no one would pick up on our conversation.

“So, we are planning on initiating you tonight.” Rin explained. “We’re going to find out what powers you will have, so we can get you the right training.”

For some reason, Rin had her hand on my shoulder while explaining to me. That made it ten times more awkward than it should have.

“It’s this weird thingey when they put your hand on this weird altar thingey and all these lights go BOOOOM! And everything spins around you, and something happens that shows your super-cool magical girl powers and you get a super cool trinket!” Amy cheered.

She showed of a star-shaped clip keeping up one of her pigtails, Rin showed off her sword necklace, and Sakurai had a compact with what seemed like a cherry blossom ornament on it.

“We all get a trinket after our initiation.” Sakurai explained. “It’s traditionally something like a hair clip or wearable accessory, but mine is a more useful item.”

“Yeah, Yeah, princess.” Rin groaned, then looked to me and smirked. “It would just be great if we saw your pretty little face at our base, heh that rhymed, so we can get you set up. That sound cool with you?”

“Y-Yeah…” I answered.

She looked sarcastically shocked.

“She finally speaks!” Rin laughed. “We’re really going somewhere!”

First her hand on my shoulder, now she had her full-on arm around me. I swear, I felt like I was close to one of those anime nosebleeds.
(N-Not in a ROMANTIC way or anything…)

“We’re all really glad to have a new girl with us!” Rin cheered. “I’m sure you’ll do just great, but you’ll just have to learn to deal with me.”

“I… Think I can manage.” I forced out.

She just had that happy smile. We finished with lunch, and the rest of the day seemed to feel less awkward. I was mostly nervous about the ‘initiation’ I was going to undergo. I just feel like they deserve better than I can provide. I’m not athletic, nor can I really fight.

Well, I can’t do anything about that can I? The best I can do is try. It’s not like I have much to lose or anything. I can rest easy thinking that.

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