Till The End

Chapter 26 of Head in the clouds

Pinkone200 by Pinkone200

Carlyn squeezed Teddy tight and the group made a fly for the school, after Teddy shifted into a hawk of course. “There’s the school, lets go through the back.” says Carlyn as they started to descend. “Don’t you watch movies?” said Emma. “Nope, I read the books to the movies.” smiled Carlyn while Emma sighed. “We should go through the roof, it wont be as heavily guarded.” Whispered Emma. She drew a finger to her lips, motioning for the group to be silent. They landed on the roof and tried to get in through the door. “Its locked.” whispered Teddy. Emma just nodded to Carlyn and Carlyn grinned. She melted the lock and kicked the door open. “I love plan B!” she squealed. They eased down the steps into the school. “I’m going to check James locker.” Whispered Emma. “wait you know his combo?” asked Carlyn. “we sort of share a locker.” Emma said guiltily. “You couldn’t spare the time to share one with your best friend?” said Carlyn agitated. “Can we argue later?” said Emma opening the lock. “Well no time like the present.” Growled Carlyn. “I told you that we could move lockers together senior year!” yelled Emma. “Guys…” said Teddy worried. “What, were gonna die anyway so its not like were gonna get the chance.” complained Carlyn. “Guys” Said Teddy louder. “Hes my boyfriend! you have a boyfriend now so you can just share a locker with him!” Emma shouted kicking the locker and moving towards Carlyn. “Guys!” yelled Teddy. “Shut it, Teddy!” the girls yelled. “okay, well i thought you would want to know we are getting attacked but i guess this is all I’m good for!” he yelled as Justin was holding Teddy upside down by his foot. “Well, Well, Well.” Said Justin moving towards the girls as they backed into the locker. “Looks like they took the bait.” He grinned. “Looks like your just in time for the party.” “Let him go!” Carlyn yelled. “Or what? Your gonna throw a basket ball at me or something.” he said threateningly dropping Teddy on his head. “We can take you on, without powers.” Emma said Staring him down. The girls looked at each other and nodded. “to bad for you we share a brain.” said Emma grinning. “And bad for our math grade.” said Carlyn. Emma got a base ball bat from a near by locker and Carlyn kicked Justin making him loose his balance. “Hes out cold” said Emma checking his face. “Lets tie him up!” yelled Carlyn jumping up and down. Emma and Teddy gave Carlyn a confused look. “what? I’m excited.” said Carlyn. “Lets go get James back!” said Teddy turning into a wolf and Carlyn jumping on his back. “I will catch up, I need to check something.” yelled Emma as they ran off. She went to their locker and looked through it. She sadly smiled at the pictures hanging in the locker filled with goofy smiles and wide grins. She noticed her cloths were a mess so she changed into jeans and James favorite red hoodie. She raced to the auditorium and carefully opens the doors. She slid through and hid in the row of chairs. “Where is that blasting idiot.” yelled Kailyn as she paced on stage. “Lets just go find them ourselves, the council will be really mad if we don’t find the water fairy and absorb her power before midnight.” said a new voice. Emma gasped as she heard the voice of Juliana. “What are we going to do with Todo and Dorthy?” Asked Kailyn in a bored voice. “oh i have that covered.” said Juliana with an evil grin. Juliana raced off and went out the door. (Mean while) Carlyn and Teddy raced to the cafeteria. As Carlyn went through the door she saw an old face. A spike of blond hair that came with ocean blue eyes and a goofy smile. Her eyes filled with tears as she said his name to check if its really him. “Logan?”

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