Truth or Dare??? (A Little bit Rated R)

Chapter 15 of ******************Love Story

KoCo_OMG by KoCo_OMG

The girls and guys are all at the boys’ house playing a fairly boring game of truth or dare.
Trinity: OMG!! This is so boring!
Kia: Then make it interesting.
Trinity: gets a very devilish look on her face I have a dare for you Jailee…
Jailee: Oh lord… What is it?
Trinity: I dare u to take that measuring tape from the drawer in the kitchen, go in the bathroom with Princeton, and measure his di-
Jailee: (cuts her off) NO!!!
Trinity: Why not?
Jailee: Why would i want to know the size of his.. you know.
Princeton: Why wouldnt u want to know?
Kia: Stop being a punk Jai. Just do it.
Jailee: Fine. Lets go Princeton..
Prince: (follows her to the bathroom) Now what?
Jailee: Drop your pants
Prince: (does as he’s told)
Jailee: Ok so now i have to measu- (looks down) Damn…
Prince: (laughing) Stay focused Jailee.
Jailee: Right. (gets down on her knees and measures him)
Prince: (Watching her)
Jailee: Dont watch me…
Prince: Fine. (looks at the ceiling)
Jailee: (about to be done measuring him when he starts to get hard) Ummm, Prince?
Prince: Yeah?
Jailee: U have yourself a little situation…
Prince Wha- (looks at his “situation” and panics) Oh ****! Get out Jailee.
Jailee: But how are u gonna fix it without me?
Prince: Good point…
Jailee: Okay.. So..
Prince: Suck it! Lick it! Do something!!
Jailee: Geesh, no need to yell.
Jailee gets down and starts going in on him, and he starts to pull her hair a little and slide down the wall to the floor (yeah he was standing up when they started)
Prince: (a little out of breath) Jai im… im gonna ***.
Jailee: (Ignores him and he cums into her mouth and she just swallows it and stops) Damn.. U coulda warned me.
Prince: I did.
Jailee: Oh….
Trnity starts banging on the door
Prince: Lets go.
Jailee: Kay…
They leave out the bathroom and everybody looks at them funny.
Kia: What were yall doin?
Roc: I think I know…
Prod: Me too
Ray: Thats just nasty
La Reina: Good gracious are u two crazy? That was not the dare!
Trinity: Speaking of the dare. Did u do it?
Jailee: Yes
Trinity: And?
Jailee: whispers to the girls 11 and a half inches.
All the girls: DAAAAMMMMNNN!!
Jailee: Haha. U girls are crazy.
Trinity:You lucky girl…

Haha. This isnt KoCo this is her friend Kia. She’s going to kill me when she see’s this chapter. Lol. I’ll be a good friend though and tell you guys to comment comment comment!!

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