truth or dare gone wrong

Chapter 6 of a half vampire girl loves a star

sunnygirly by sunnygirly

Jillian get’s ready and looks like this
and Jillian lies and says she going on a long walk
and her parents say, at 12:00pm at night and Jillian says, "well i’m not tired so I need something to!
so she leaves and get’s in Justin’s car a block away and on the way Justin says, “you look cool Jillian”! and Jillian says “oh……… thanks”! and then Justin noticed a red ring on her finger and frowns.
When they got to Ryan’s party Jillian nervous then Ryan go’s up to Justin and says, “dude I thought you didn’t like that girl and now you bring her as your date”! and Justin says, “dude I like her as a friend she has a boyfriend dude and who did you bring as a date”!? and Ryan says, “the girl over there her name is Cassandra” then Christian showed up with some girl named Nina then Ryan says, “hey lets all play truth or dare”!
then everyone gathered around in a circle Jillian sat across from Justin on the floor and then Christian starts and says, “Ryan truth or dare”? and he’s says, “dare”! and Christian says, “I dare you to lick your shoe”! and Ryan says, “what ever”! and does it and we all laugh and then Ryan says, “Jillian truth or dare”? and Jillian says, “truth” and Ryan say’s “how do you feel about Justin”!? and Jillian blushes and says, “he’s ok”! and Ryan says, “Jillian you have to tell you all the truth”! and everyone staring at her and Jillian yell and stands up and says, “ok I like him ok gosh”!! then sits back down and Justin was in shock then it was Justin’s turn and he says, “Jillian truth or dare”? and Jillian was a little scared to say truth again so she say’s, “dare”! and Justin say’s, “I dare you to kiss me”! and Jillian says “umm…. are you sure”? and Justin says, “you have to do the dare it’s the rules of the dare”! then Justin comes up to her and kisses her Jillian blushes then Justin sits next Jillian then it was Nina’s turn and she say’s, “Christian truth or dare”!? and he says, “truth” and Nina says, so “do you think Jillian and Justin should go out”? and Christian says, “I don’t know it’s up to them so I would go along with what ever happens”! then it was Cassandra’s turn and she say’s “Justin truth or dare”? and Justin says, “dare”! and cassandra’s says, “I dare you to sing to Jillian and dance with her at the same time”! then Justin says, “um.. ok that was a interesting and random dare” and Justin get’s up and takes Jillian hand and sings (that should be me)
then in the middle of the songs Jillian says, “I can’t take this any more”! then runs out and it was poring rain then Justin runs out to her and says, “Jillian what’s wrong with you”!!!? and Jillian says, “I know why you singed that song are you jealous”? and Justin says, IDK Jillian it’s just when i’m with you I just always feel myself"! and Jillian says, “I kissed you and we were dancing and I think were getting to far and I just want to go home”! then Justin yell’s, “so now you want to go home Jillian we just got here 2 hours ago Jillian your acting crazy”!!!!!!!!!!!!! and Jillian yell’s back, “Justin I like you but it feel like i’m lieing to my parent’s and John”! and Justin says, “who’s John”? and Jillian says, “John it the one boy my parents want me with”! and Justin yell’s, “if you love him so much why did you say you like me and kiss me”!? and Jillian says, “I don’t know it’s just my head is spinning” and Justin go’s up to Jillian and kisses her and Justin says, “when you choose call me”! then Justin and Jillian get in his car and takes her home then Jillian runs inside and her parent come up to her and says, “Jillian where have you bin it’s 2:00 in the morning”! and Jillian says, “I just like to walk in the rain”! then she runs up to her room and changes from her wet clothes to her pajamas then Jillian yell’s, “why Justin Bieber why do I have to love him”! “why Justin”!!!!!!!!!! then Jillian say’s to her self, “maybe singing will make me feel better”! then she takes out her guitar from under her bed
and says, to her self I know the perfect song to sing to go along with how I feel so Jillian sings (the way I loved you)

to be continued . . . . . .. . .

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