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Chapter 1 of Casey Simpson – Love At First Website

Emily_Sartorius_202 by Emily_Sartorius_202

I see all of those fan tweets, and I don’t understand why they are so inappropriate. I mean, if you like someone, don’t go right out and tweet them, “Hey cutie. Wanna date?” That is just awkward. I think you should give them space, and become friends first. 👍 I am not at all like that. Well, first of all, I’m Brittany. A Caseynater. I absolutely adore Casey Simpson. He is cute, funny, talented, and smart. But, of course, he doesn’t even know I exist. He hasn’t gotten ANY tweets from me, EVER. Sure, I like him, but I am NOT gonna go right out and admit that. It was SUPER weird though, because he actually tweeted me once…. He said I have a pretty name, and he thinks I am awesome. 😊 I was literally blushing sooooo much. Then, we became friends. 😨😳

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