Two Tickets to Hell

Chapter 5 of Yesterday

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Andrew brushed strands of her hair back from her shoulder as she spoke.

“It’s not as bad as it sounds though,” Harried said, continuing the conversation. “I remember the first time I brought home a C and—”

“C.” Andrew snorted and she looked at him. “C’s were sort of my average.”

She rolled her eyes and nestled further against him. “Well, you’re lucky then. I was expected to get A’s all the time. B’s got me a stern look. I brought home that damn history test and gave it to my dad. I expect him to yell and shout and ground me for eternity. There were no retakes, but he just handed it back to me and told me to go study up and he would test me tomorrow. He said he didn’t care so much about a letter so much as ensuring I had the knowledge.”

He grinned and kissed her head, starring out the dark window into the night. They hadn’t moved from the car in hours. They were still in the parking lot of the beach in the back seat of Andrew’s car. He’d been completely—and pleasantly—surprised when Harriet had kissed him up on the rocks. He’d pulled back only to meet her lips again and pull her into his arms as the waves crashed against the rocks and the sun set beneath the waves. When the air around them began to turn chilly in that pre-fall way, Andrew suggested that they get down and away from the mist surrounding them. Harriet accepted his help navigating the rocks in the dark and soon they found themselves in a parking lot with only his own car to be seen.

He had truly meant to climb in the driver’s seat and take them somewhere—anywhere. He hadn’t wanted the night to end, hadn’t wanted to do anything but outrun the dawn with her at his side. Instead he found himself pressing her against his car and finding her lips again with his. She had responded eagerly and wrapped her around his neck, kissing until they were both breathless.

“It’s getting cold,” She had whispered against his lips. “We should probably get into the car.”

He nodded and reached around her to the handle on the back door. He had never done anything in the back seat before and neither had she, but it was fun figuring it all out. She had laughed when Andrew had banged his head against the roof and he had to help her when her hair got tangled in the seat belt latch, but they had figured it out. He wasn’t entirely sure where their clothes had gone, but he knew that his left sock had curiously failed to make it off his foot. Well, he thought as he glanced at the floor, at least he knew where her pantyhose were. She had needed something that wasn’t her dress or his shirt to clean herself up with. Twice. Normally he’d be passed out by now, but he didn’t feel tired at all. Lazy and relaxed, but not tired.

They’d thrown the blanket he kept in the car over them as the night was truly taking a turn for the cold now. The windows were fogged up and beginning to drip as the condensation or whatever it was became too heavy. Andrew watched two drops race each other down the glass. For the past hour, they’d just been talking. About her lost internship, about the time he’d puked on his cousin during her First Communion when he was seven. About the hell that was both their parents.

“When I was younger,” He said quietly. It felt like sacrilege to speak too loudly in such a peaceful moment. “My mother used to take me over to the Catholic Church once a month to have me dipped in holy water because the Methodists wouldn’t do it.”

Harriet let out a funny sound as she tried to keep herself from laughing. He looked down at her and she up at him, her chin resting on his chest. “That’s awful. Did she never consider converting?”

“I asked her that once.” He tweaked her nose and she batted his hand away. He smiled. “She just got really offended and flipped her hair and walked off.”

“You’re mother and my mother should get together.” She said, almost bitterly.

“I think your mother would blind mine with hairspray and my mom would probably try to stab her with a crucifix.”

“I did always wonder if she was a vampire.” Harriet said and they laughed. When the chuckles faded, Harriet began to play absently with his spare chest hair and said. “I haven’t been to church in years.”

“No?” His mother’s rule was that if he wanted to continue living in his house, he had to attend with her at least three times a month. Even years after the rule was made, he was still trying to find ways out of it.

She shrugged as much as she could where she was stuck between him and the back of the seat. “I’m too busy and my dad’s atheist and my mom…well, I’m not really sure.”

He nodded his understanding and she shifted so she was looking at him again. She smiled brightly and her hand slid up his chest up until she was tracing her finger along his jaw line. Andrew’s heartbeat picked up and his blood begin to roar through him. He groaned and she smiled.

“It’s a good thing though,” She continued. “Because I’m fairly certain we’re both sinning.”

Andrew let out a horse laugh and pulled his body to the left and over so she fell against the seat with him above her, the blanket over both of them slightly skewed. Her eyes were bright and her smile was mischievous and her hands were curious and wandering. Oh, what a change from earlier. Gone was the stiff girl in the office dress and pantyhose. All he had to do was rid her body of them and out popped the wicked little thing within. He wondered how long it would last.

“Two tickets to hell.” He said and lunged at her throat.

She laughed as he kissed and sucked and bit her neck and ear and breasts and down and down. “Round three then? Aren’t you tired?”

He looked up from the hip he was leaving bite marks on, “I have been known to last four whole rounds in a night.”

“Impressive.” She purred and he bit her thigh.

“Well,” He said, looking up at her with a goofy smile. “Maybe three and a half.”

He head tilted back as she laughed and he moved up to claim the sound from her mouth. She tugged on his hair as they kissed, their tongues dancing together. Andrew had to brace a hand against the car door just above her head. Harriet somehow got her left leg up and her ankle hooked around the headrest of the seat and she used her hands to press his hips against hers. He ground against her and she whimpered as he groaned.

“Please.” Was all she had to say before he took his hand from the car door and reached between them to position himself.

He moved his hand back to the door and pushed himself slowly into her. Her body resisted him at the very beginning, but it opened itself to him and he slid home easily. Her mouth fell open and her eyes shut tight, and she released the softest, cracked sigh. The sound alone almost broke him, but he breathed through it and began to move. It was an interesting process, being bunched up on the back bench of a small car together, but neither of them really noticed. Andrew closed his eyes tight and buried his face in her neck, letting it muffle his grunts and groans. He could feel the fall coming on as he approached the cliff, but Harriet suddenly gasped and not from pleasure.

He pulled himself out of her on instinct. Her head was tilted back and she seemed to be looking at the window. He didn’t think she was breathing. He was about to ask if he’d hurt her when she whispered in a high voice, “What was that?”

“What?” He asked, looking out the window now too. His heart was pounding and his body was begging him to put himself back in. He was so close…

Harriet screamed as a blinding light came in through the window and Andrew bounced back a foot, his head smacking painfully against the roof of the car. Harriet sat up and clung to him, looking back over her shoulder with fear. Andrew wrapped his arms—and the blanket—around her tight and shouted, “Who’s there!?”

The light faded a bit and the sound of knuckles and bone against glass had him panicking. Until the light reflected off the shiny badge on his chest and a stern face peered into the car. Andrew groaned in exasperation and a bit of lingering fear as he reached around Harriet and cranked the window partially down.

“Good evening officer.” Andrew said, his voice cracking a bit.

“Apparently.” He said, observing them in their nakedness.

“Is there a problem?” He asked, and wrapped his arms tighter around Harriet who buried her head in his chest. Damn, he really hoped they weren’t about to get arrested while naked for a crime he didn’t know.

“If you had read the sign five feet from your car—” The officer began and Harriet completely froze up.

Andrew looked down at her as she whispered, “Oh God.”

The officer almost blanched at the sound of her voice and the light shone on the back of her head, blinding Andrew. It quickly went away and he was left seeing spots around the officer’s confused face.

“Harriet?” He asked. Oh ¢rap.

Her whole body was shaking with fear and embarrassment and probably a whole range of other emotions that he didn’t know. She was trembling and her nails were digging into his back, holding him close like a lifeline, but she managed to speak. “Hi Mr. Montez.”

“That’s Officer Montez to you now.” He said in a cold voice.

She just stared at him with wide, pleading eyes. “Please don’t tell my parents.”

He stared at the spectacle for a long time, his eyes tearing through Andrew, picking him apart. Andrew just clenched his jaw and continued to hold Harriet.

“I won’t,” Officer Montez said at last, his eyes softening. “Provided you get the hell out of this parking lot in sixty seconds.”

The light blinked off and he could hear footsteps walking away. Andrew’s heart skipped a beat. After a few seconds a shout rang out in the darkness that sent them into motion. “GO!”

Andrew swore and scrambled to find his briefs, fighting to get them on in the darkness. He didn’t even care that they were backwards as tossed Harriet her dress and jumped over into the front seat.

“Buckle.” He told her and startled the car, overturning the key on accident and the whole car shook.

He only glanced in the mirror once, just long enough to see her buckle herself in and look up at him. Her entire face was pale with mortification. She didn’t even have time to put on her dress before he stepped on the gas, so she just sat there wrapped in the blanket. Andrew nearly pealed out of the parking lot and onto the empty road away from the cop. He didn’t know how exactly Harriet knew him, but it was clear he did and he knew her parents too. He wished he could say he didn’t know that feeling of fear when someone your parents knew caught you doing something. Andrew’s breathing was uneven, that is if he was even breathing at all. He knew Harriet wasn’t.

He drove white-knuckled down the empty back roads for three miles before pulling off onto a shoulder tucked between two foothills. He put the car in park and turned the engine off and they just sat in the silence. He tried his best to keep his breathing quiet as he settled it, but he knew it wasn’t working. He rubbed his face with his hand and closed his eyes tight, trying to erase the light shining in through the foggy window.

If he thought about it, they hadn’t really done anything wrong. They were two adults who had made the choice to do something and they had not gotten in trouble for what they had done, but where they had done it. It was hard to remember things like a NO PARKING AFTER DARK sign when you were inside a girl. If it had been any other police officer, they might have been given a ticket and sent off, but no. Of all the cops, Harriet just had to know this one. It was almost funny. But she didn’t think it was funny.

“I’m really sorry.” He said into the darkness. “That was…that was pretty bad.”

Andrew was getting concerned after almost thirty seconds passed before she spoke. “It’s not your fault.”

“I just…I’m still sorry.” He felt like the biggest jerk on the planet. If they were going to do something, he should have taken her somewhere else. A hotel or his house or anywhere else.

“I should probably get home now.” She whispered and he nodded even though she couldn’t see him in the dark.

“We should get dressed first probably.” He said like a total idiot. Of course they had to get dressed, no shoulds or probablys about it. He couldn’t take her home like that. Hell, he didn’t even know where she lived.

Harriet unclicked her seat belt and began searching for her dress in the dark. She found his pants and shirt first and laid them gently over the passenger’s seat. He shrugged them on fairly easily, but from the sound of it, she was still looking for her dress. He turned on the little light on the ceiling and looked straight ahead. She didn’t thank him. Instead she just found her dress and pulled it on and buckled herself back in.

He turned off the light and they plunged into darkness.

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