Chapter 5 of My bully adopted me!!?? A ******************Love Story

misfit_princeton by misfit_princeton

After school @ kamira’s and chyna’s foster home
Chyna: whew ( zips last suit case and duffle bag
Kamira: ikr
Both: i need to tell u sum wait u first ok ok ill go
Chyna: so i have a boyfriend
Kamira: really guess wat mee too
Both: double date!!!
Chyna: whos urs
Kamira: trey
Chyna: jacob
Both: ahhhhh!!! Omg omg
Chyna: we have to get going to our new foster home
@ jacobs house
Jacob: mom guess wat
Mom: what honey
Jacob: remember chyna
Mom: yes always sweet girl lovely i would live her to be ur girlfriend right one she has a nice body and shape and shes beautiful
Jacob: well mom she is my girl friend
Mom: AWESOME good 4 u u chose the rite one
Jacob: thanks so when is my new foster sisters are gonna b here
Mom: in a few go upstairs til dinner
Jacob: ok mom
( up stairs jacob texts chyna)
Text convo
J= jacob
C= chyna
J: hey babe
C: hey princey:)
J: where are u i wanna see u
C: ik babe cant going to new foster moms house
J: wow cowensidense ( sp) i am expecting my new foster sisters to come too
C: ok well maybe we will go to a movie later or sum k
J: sure:)
C: k see u then luv u :)
J: luv u too 143
End of convo
( knock on jacobs house door)
( jacob get’s the door)
Jacob: hi im CHYNA & KAMIRA!!!!!

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