Chapter 23 of Head in the clouds

Pinkone200 by Pinkone200

It was the day of the play. Emma, Carlyn, Teddy and James were backstage. “I’m so nervous.” Said Emma walking back and forth. “It will be fine, lets get on stage” smiled James. Emma smiled back and went on stage. They did the first act then went off stage for intermission. “That was fun, except the part where you killed me.” glared teddy. They all laughed and got ready for act 2. “James, can i talk to you?” asked Teddy gesturing to come over. “whats up?” asked James. “I’m going to ask Carlyn out.” said Teddy nervously. “That’s great! When are you going to do it?” asked James. “I am going to ask after we do the bows.” said Teddy grinning. “Romantic, But I topped that. I gave Emma a ring pop” grinned James. The boys laughed and went off. After the show was over they did their bows. Teddy went to Carlyn and got on one knee with a bracelet. It was red with a symbol of fire on it. “Carlyn, will you be my girlfriend?” Said Teddy with hope in his eyes. Carlyn looked stunned and the crowd was cheering. “Yes” said Carlyn with a smile. Teddy picked her up and spun her around. “Why don’t you ever do that to me?” asked Emma. “I got you a ring-pop didn’t i?” said James not realizing the mike was still on. “looks like its red and the wolf.” grinned Emma backstage. “Hey guys, because we all did awesome i got four tickets for every ride at Volta!” said James smiling. Everyone began to cheer and jump. “That’s supposed to be the best roller coaster site in the state!” cheered Teddy. “Lets make it a double date.” said Carlyn holding Teddy’s hand. The four flew to the roller coaster site. once they landed and put their wings up the got in. “Wow! look at all the rides!” said Emma looking around. “Look at all the carnival games!” said Carlyn. “Food!” shouted Teddy and James. “Is that all you two ever think about?” asked Emma. “Also you, dear.” said James putting his arm around Emma. “Yeah same” said Teddy. “I’m an animal what do you expect?” grinned Teddy. “Lets go on that one!” said Emma. They went to a big blue ride that had at least 6 loops. They got on the ride and clung onto the bars. “We are going to die!” yelled Carlyn. “Why didn’t i eat first!?” yelled James. “Tell my brother i hate him!” yelled Teddy. “ugh, guys. The ride hasn’t started yet.” said Emma confused. They all laughed and then they took off. After the ride the gang got off and went on more. “Lets get something to eat.” said Teddy looking around for something to eat. “Look! Deep fried Oreo’s, deep fried pickles, deep fried Gatorade and deep fried hot dogs!” said James licking his lips. “Ew! how can you stand to eat that stuff?” asked Emma in disgust. “it looks so good thogh.” said Teddy with his eyes down. “Lets meet up at the arcade in half an hour.” said Carlyn. The boys went one way and the girls another. “Lets get something to eat.” said Carlyn scoping for food. “How about a corn dog?” said Emma. “sounds great!” smiled Carlyn. They got their food and sat down at a table. After they ate they met at the arcade. “Lets get some prizes, shall we?” said James grinning. "I have wolf sense so I can beat some games. “Guess the weight of the person and win a prize!” yelled the man at a booth. “I got this” said Teddy handing the man three dollars. He stopped then scanned the man. “231 pounds!” said Teddy. “225 but you still win cause you were close.” said the man. “Hand me the wolf.” said Teddy smirking. He handed the wolf stuffed animal to Teddy who gave it to Carlyn. She blushed and gave him a kiss on the cheek. “My turn!” said James walking up to a dunk-tank. He handed the man 4 dollars and took a shot and won. He picked out a giant panda bear and hugged it. “Nice bear.” grinned Emma. “Fine” he said handing it to a smiling Emma. It was night time and they had to leave. “how about a midnight flight?” said Emma grinning. They flew into the sky and went home. At the Dark fairy base… “You need to hurry! they will be back soon” said Kailyn glaring at Justin. “don’t worry, my buddies will mind control James which will force Emma and her friends to rescue him. He sacrifices her wings, we take dictionaries wings and kill James.” said Justin. “yes, and Teddy.” said Kailyn smiling to herself. “No, remember our deal. You cant hurt Teddy, keep him safe. okay?” said Justin with his hand out. “fine” said Kailyn shaking his hand.

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