Wake Up.

Chapter 3 of Rika Luna: The Life And Times Of A Magical Girl

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“Wake up.” She called again.

My eyes slowly opened. The woman calling for me to wake up looked just about my age, and had long scarlet hair that complimented her naturally tan complexion. She also had these strange piercing red eyes that didn’t seem natural. She had me intimidated the moment I first saw her. She just slumped back in relief.

“At ease, girl.” She said in a cool tone. “I was worried you were dead.”

I must be. In all reality, would people care? Besides my father…
My father…. Could he have known?

“She surely wasn’t.” a familiar voice giggled.

It was Rikiri.

“I could go into her mind, Rin.” She said. “She’s perfectly fine!”

“Perfectly fine?! She’s in bandages, Rikiri!”

She seemed much more worried about me than previously thought. She looked so calm and tough… Admirable, really…

“We have a healer. She’s coming from a job, and will be home soon enough.”

I then felt a presence of PURE energy slide into the room at breakneck speed.

“Rikiri! Whatcha got there?! A girl? OOH! Will she be joining us?!” She said in an inhumanely cheerful tone.

“Only if she wants too.” Rikiri said. “She’s taking a little time to process this.”

“She kinda has to.” Rin added, causally opening a can of soda. “God knows what will happen if she falls to the wrong hands.”

She has a point. Excluding the sword I now noticed by her side, of course. But the yellow girl…

“Oh my gosh! You’re so pretty! PLEASE tell me you’ll stay!” She squealed.

I…. I think she scares me more than that vision I had…

“I’m still not filled in on this, can you give me an explanation, Rikiri?” I asked.

“About what?” Rikiri asked.

“On what I would do as a magical girl?” I answered.

“First things first, Magical girls are what you’d expect them to be. Girls that use, well, magic! Each girl hails from a different element of magic that they use. These elements have their own subtypes. For example, Rin is a swordsman! A swordsman is a subtype of the metal element!” Rikiri explained.

Rin added onto Rikiri’s explanation.

“We can change into our fighting-uniforms via flashy and totally unnecessary transformation sequences that are filled with bright music and blinding lights and glitter. I mean SERIOUSLY! How does a villain NOT just attack a girl- Okay, I’m getting off track here.”

“I… Think I get it now.” I said.

I was considering whether to join or not, but another girl my age entered. Man, what’s with this group and having a bunch of teenage girls lead by a freaking TALKING FOX of all things leading them while they fight crime? This time, it was a girl with ungodly pink tornado curls with the eyes to match.

“I came as soon as you called, Rikiri” She said. “She’s one of us?”

Rikiri nodded.

“I’m so glad I came on time.” She said. “I hope the damage isn’t too great.”

“Well, she’s able to speak.” Rin said with an unnatural amount of sarcasm.

This girl had unnaturally pigmented hair and eyes as well. She had elegant cool pink hair and the soothing pink eyes to match. She also strangely had a big tornado-like curl on each side. She gracefully came in and seemed to instantly grab something from her purse… a wand!

“Cherry Blossom state ENGAGE!”

All I could see was glitter. I was so confused out of my MIND out at this moment. It was as if logic was completely out of the question, but it was better than being with… them. Ellegant music could be heard. The yellow girl was in as much awe as I was while Rin just looked annoyed.

Rin had her palm firmly on her place when the Pink-Haired girl was done.

“Sakurai, did you HAVE to transform indoors?” Rin sighed.

“Yes, dear Rin.” She cooed in an elegant tone. “It is imperative that I heal this girl.”

Her eyes fixed their gaze on me. The heels that came with her dress made a muffled click as she walked to me. She kneeled down to me, adjusted her glasses, and squinted at me. Jolting back up, she silently nodded at Rikiri and Rin. Rin rolled her eyes with a slight grin, like they could talk telepathically.

“Now, all we need is a quick healing spell. And I have the PERFECT one.” Sakurai hummed.

“Oh no…” Rin groaned.

“What is it, Rin?” She asked.

“You’re going to use Sakura divinity, aren’t you…” Rin sighed.

“Yes. Your point is?”

“That’s showing off.”

“It is not! Sakura Divinity is a perfectly normal spell!”

“No. You just want to show off for the newbie.”

Rin had that sarcastic grin.

“So what if I do?”

“Ha! You admitted it!”

“What importance is that? This girl could be DYING!”

“I actually feel fi-” I chimed in, but was interrupted by Sakurai.

“Hush now, darling! We do not want you to be strained in this state!”


“She’ll be fine, Sakurai. Use the dam-” Rin groaned, being cut off too.

“Language, Rin!” she gasped. “I shall perform my spell, and she will be just fine!”

She stretched out as if she was about to do something big. She waved that pink sparkly wand-thing around and vines- Wait, what? You know what, I’m not going to question anything from this point forward. To me, all logic is practically thrown out of the window. Vines popped out of small portals, and wrapped around my ankles and wrists to… pulse an energy through me. I felt numbed, and the bandages came right off revealing any cuts or bruises being healed. It did seem like she was “Showing Off”. If this is what a magical girl can do, I know I will never amount to much compared to them. I was never really skilled at much that would be worth mentioning, so why would I be any good for this. Rikiri gave me a worried look like she could read me like an open book.

“That should have you fixed up.” Sakurai “Try getting up.”

I stood up as I was told, stumbling a little.

“Perfect!” She cheered.

“Good work Sakurai” Rikiri added.

Rikiri came right to me, the sight of a talking… whatever she is… (Dog…? Fox…? Rabbit…?) still putting me a bit off.

“It would be amazing if you would allow us to show you your potential” she explained. “A child of a powerful magic wielder should be equally as powerful. I’m surprised you haven’t been found and… and…”

She then looked blank.

“Haven’t been what?” I inquired

“She means girls that haven’t been corrupted.” Rin stated bluntly. “At the drop of the hat, a girl of great strength can be no more than a puppet.”

“Rin!” Sakurai exclaimed. “She is not ready! She might not even be i-”

“The risk is in the ’heart’s element’.” Rikiri explained. “We will find your element soon enough. Each element can be…permeable in some form to being controlled.”

“It should not worry any of us, children.” Rikiri rang in a suddenly cheerfull tone. “This should be a happy evening!”

“Wait, evening?” I asked. “My dad must be worried sick about me!”

“OOH! I can take you home!” The hyper girl squealed. “My names Amy! I can bring you undetected!”

Amy still creeped me out a little, but I accepted with a silent nod then a bow thanking the others for their hospitality. She instantly took my hand and we were out the door in SECONDS. I felt her hand let go outside, then a blast of bright lights and poppy music came at me. She had a cheerleader-like outfit with a small tiara with a cheerleading baton as her wand.

“Let’s go!” She chimed. “I can make light platforms that can get us quickly and undetected!”


“I’m a light illusionist!” She explained, then pointed to the setting sun. “I’ll have just enough of THAT to get you home.”

She grabbed my hand again, and we were in the air. The platforms shone white under our feet and kept us on air. She looked completely ecstatic, and she had a surprisingly firm grip on my hand. I struggled not to look down as we walked on air to my house. Surprisingly enough, we were already there.

Oh, I can only imagine how my dad is going to freak out.

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