Welcome to Conjunction Household

Chapter 131 of Meeting MINDLESS BEHAVIOUR …. The dream Comes true .. (Finished)

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Another hour passed and the pilot had announces that they had safely arrived in L.A. Everyone waitied for the signal to unbuckle their seatebelts, and when the sign came on, all you could hear was the sound of the seat belts unbuckling. They all made their way out the plane and waited for all the adults to get out. When they did, they all made their way to get their suitcases. It took everyone a while especially since ray ray kept missing his suitcase. When he finally got it, they all took all their bags and made their way outside. Everyone sad their goodbyes, Maya and diggy shared glances, then they all got into the car and It drove off. The care pulled up to a large house half an hour later and the boys got out and helped the girls. Prodigy and Princeton pushed the doors open and the girls made their way inside
Girls: :O …….
Guys: welcome to conjunction household
Girls: :O….
Maya: its huge…
Le’shaun: its nice..
Taleah: its gorgeous
Rachel: its amazing
Guys: and it has a pool
Girls: (looking at the guys smiling)
Rachel: we get to stay here for the rest of the week?
Guys: mhmm..
Maya: yall live here..
Guys: yup
Girls: dang..
Keisha: well girls.. (walkling up behind them) you like?
Girls: we love !
Rachel: (looking around and seeing two pink bags leaning up t the side of the couch) I don’t suppose those are yours… (looking at prince)
Princeton: no.. Keisha, who’s own is that?
Keisha: I honestly don’t know..
Everyone: O_O…..
Keisha: why don’t yall show the guys your rooms and I’ll go talk to Vincent..
Guys: …. Okay
The girls follow the guys upstairs into their separate rooms and Keisha makes her way down the hall to the recording studio

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