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Chapter 4 of Never Actually Had To Love Him…(** Love Story !)

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(My Pov)
Well,Wassup Guys ! Well,As You Know,My Name Is Star Alexis Brown Rodriguez Hilson.Im 22.I Have 2 Beautifull Daughters That God Gave Me,Bahja And Raiin.And Well,I Work As A Famous Singer/Rapper In YMCMB,My Parents Are Chris Brown And Keri Hilson.My Sister Is Bayla.They Have Been Supporting Me Since The Day My Daughter Bahja,Was Born.Bahja Is Actually The Daughter Of …Ugh ! Jacob Perez ! He Left Me When I Told Me I Was Pregnat With Bahja.He Didn’t Care Bout The Baby,He Left Me And the Baby,And He Hated The Fact That Bahja Is His Father.But There’s Only One Person That Helped Me With Bahja,Jacob Latimore.He Helped Me 24/7 With Bahja.Actually He Was My First Love In Kinder.So I Meet Him Again And Our FriendShip Became Stronger.And After That,We Did…You Know…..And I Ended Up Being Pregnat By Raiin.Jacob Is The Only Person That I Love,And Will Forever Love.Mmm….(Sigh) I Juss Can’t Belive That My Dad Signed Me To ANOTHER Label.I Been Signed To Interscope Records Today.But I Will Talk Bout That Later,Right Now,I Wanna Show Y’all How Today My Day Will Turn Out To Be……(End Of Pov)

(Then My Mom Comes)
Keri-Wake Up Honey !
Star-(Gets Up Super-Fast!) Woah ! Mom ! How Did You Get Here?
Keri-(Laughs) I Have Another Spare Key !
Star-Oh ! But Where’s My Babies?
Keri-Don’t Worry ! Your Dad Is Feeding Raiin,Jacob Is In The Studio Woeking,And Bahja Is In Her Room Listening To Music !
Star-Oh ! Mom ! Can You Please Leave Cause Ima Change For The Photoshoot !
Keri-Oh ! Ok !
(Then Keri Leaves)

Star Wears This !: Star's Look For Her Photoshoot !

Star’s Look For Her Photoshoot ! by princessmfsmith featuring ankle wrap heels

Club L tall dress
€36 - nelly.com

Elie Saab ankle wrap heels
$685 - boutique1.com

Kenneth Jay Lane gold plated bangle
$345 - net-a-porter.com

` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` `
(Bahja’s Pov)
Ugh ! What A Life !I Have A Little Sister,My Mom,My StepDad & GrandParents Are Famous ! Ugh ! But There’s One Thing That Is Left In My Life….. My Real Dad ! My Momma Told Me That When My Mom Had Me In Her Stomach For The First Time,MY Dad Didn’t Want My Mom & Especially,Me.MY Mom Would Cry And Cry.But My GrandMa Would Comfort Her When She Would Cry.But My StepDad,Jacob Latimore,Cared Me And Loved Me With All His Heart.I Juss Love My Stepdad,Its Like His My REAL Dad.But I Never Had Love Of My Biological Father.Sometimes I Wonder How My Dad & His Love Would Look And Feel Like ! But Anyways Enough With This Sad Topic! Right Now Ima Tell Yall How My Day Will Be….(End Of Pov)

Bahja-MOM !!
Star(Me)-What Bahja ?
Bahja-When Are We Leaving For The PhotoShoot?
Star-In About 15 Minutes,Oh Honey ! I Got Some Exciting News !
Bahja-What Is It Mom?
Star-Well….. I Signed You To YMCMB !
Bahja-What ?! OMG ! Thank You Mom !
(Then Bahja Hugs Me)
Star-(Chuckels) Your Welcome Honey !
Bahja-So…When Am I Gonna Meet Lil Twist ?!
Star-Bahja !
Bahja- But What? I Wanna Meet That ! Sexy A$(Gco)
Star-Bahja ! Don’t You Dare !
Bahja-Ok Ma ! I Wass Juss Playing !
Star-Well You Be(Gco)
Star-Ugh ! Ill Talk To You Later Honey ! I Gotta See Whats Happening To Your Sister !
Bahja-Oh Ok Ma !
(Then Star Leaves)
Star-(Carrying Raiin) Come On Bahja Let’s Go !
Bahja-Ok Mom But Wait,Let Me Help You With Raiin !
Star- (Sigh) Thank You Bahja !(Lending Her Raiin)
Bahja-No Prob Mom !Oh And Is Aunt Bayla Comin Too?
Star-Yeah ! Now Lets Go !
(Then They Go To The Limosine)
(Then There At This Photoshoot Aka Studio )

The Photoshoot Aka Studio !

The Photoshoot Aka Studio ! by princessmfsmith on polyvore.com

india westbrooks | Tumblr

girls with swag | Tumblr


ThePurpleDomoGirl’s Photo | Lockerz

` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` `````
(Bayla’s Pov)
Well Wassup Guys.My Name Is Bayla Naral Brown Hilson Rodriguez.Im 23.My Parents Are Keri Hilson And Chris Brown.I Have A Beautifull Daughter Named June Lucele.She Is 1.Aw… !I Have A Sweet And Helpfull Sister Called Star Alexis Brown Hilson Rodriguez.I Have 2 Beautifull Nieces Called Bahja And Raiin Perez Rodriguez.I Have A Job In YMCMB.I Have The Most Horrible Baby Daddy In The World,Jaden Smith.But So He Didn’t Want June Lucele So He Left Us.But I Dont Give An F Bout Him.The Only Thing That I Have In My Entire World Is June Lucele.Shes My EVERYTHING ! I Could Even Do Anything To Juss Keep My Daughter Safe.But Today Im Taking My Daughter With Me With My Sister And My Nieces To The Photoshoot So Lets See Hows My Day……(End Of Pov)

This Is What She Wore !:

Bayla's Look !
Bayla’s Look ! by princessmfsmith featuring high heels

Cynthia Rowley open back dress
$285 - cynthiarowley.com

Casadei high heels
£434 - farfetch.com

Stone jewelry
$12 - debshops.com

Metallic jewelry
$8.99 - stylesforless.com

` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` `
(In The Photoshoot)
Star-Hello ! Hello ! Ronald ? Are You Here ?
Ronald(Gay Guy)-IM Here Darlin-Aah ! Look At You…GORGEOUS !
Star-Aww..Ronald ! Thank You Honey !
Ronald-Your Welcome Sweetie !(Turning To Bahja)
Ronald-Well,Well,Well,What Do We Have Here Darling ?
Star-Ronald,This Is My Daughter,Bahja With My Other Daughter On Her Arms,Raiin.
Ronald-Aw….What A Cute Little Girl(Saying To Raiin) !
Ronald-Whoow ! Girl ! You Are Smoking Hot !(Saying To Bahja)
Bahja-Aw…Thank You Ronald ! Your Very Handsome By The Way !
Ronald-Aw..Darling ! Thank You Sexy !
Bahja-(Laughs) Ok Ronald!
Star-Ronald? Can You Do Me A Favor Please?
Ronald-Anything Darling Juss Say It !
Star-Well Bahja,Is Signed To YMCMB And Well,I Wanna Tell You That If Can You Please Do The Photoshoot With Bahja Too ?
Ronald-…..GREAT IDEA GIRL !!
Bahja-Ahh!! Thanxz Mom !
Star-Your Welcome !
(Then Bayla Comes)
Ronald-Aah ! Bayla ! Darling ! You Came !
Bayla-I Know Ronald,I Know !
Star-Ah ! Bayla !
Bayla-Ah ! Star !
(Then They Hug)
Star- I Haven’t Seen You Since…Well Since Forever !
Star-I Know Sis !
Bahja-Aah ! Auntie !
Bayla-Bahja !
(Then They Hug)
Star-Ok Enugh With The Hugging Today !
Bayla & Everyone Except The Babies And Star-(Burst Out Laughing)
Star-Damn !
Bayla-We Juss Playing With You Sis !
Star-You Better Bayla !
Bayla-W.e !
(Then A Familiar Face Comes To The Photoshoot With Keisha And Another 3 Boys)
Keisha-(Talking To ?)Prince,We Have To Hurry To Dress You Up Bo(Gco By Looking At Star)
Keisha-St-Star?Is That You?
Star-(Gasps) Keisha !
Keisha-Star !
(Then They Hug)
(?‘s Pov)
Ugh ! Keisha Is Hurrying Us Up ! Ugh ! Were Juss At A Photoshoot And Later Were Doing A Concert ! I Juss Wanna See My Wife And My Son !By The Way,Im Princeton And My Brothers Are Roc Royal,Prodigy,And RayRay From ***************** But Where Ju- Whoa ! Whoa ! Whoa ! Hold Up ! Do I See A Sexy Lady There ? (He’s Mention Me ! LOL !) Wait ! She Looks Like……Nah ! That’s Not Her ! Wait I Heard Keisha Say “Star” ! Um……. Th-That’s …. STAR !! My First Love ! (End Of Pov)
Princeton-Hey Guys !
The Guys-What Prince?
Princeton-Do You Know That Girl That I Told Y’all Bout ? Bout That I Left Her Preggo ?
The Guys-Yeah Why ?
Princeton-Well……You Know That Girl Right There (Pints At Me Aka Star) Well…..She’s The One !
The Guys-O_O !
RayRay-I Didn’t Know She Was THIS Hot !
Princeton-Ayy ! Whatch It ! She’s My Wifey !
Prodigy-Don’t You Remember ? She’s Taken ! You Have A Family ! And So Does She !
Roc Royal-(Scoofs) You Better Not Talk !
Keisha-Hey Boys ! I Want You To Meet Star Rodriguez.She Is Chris Brown’s Daughter And Keri Hilson’s Too !
The Guys-(Speechless)
Keisha-Don’t Worry ! There Like That ! Star I Want You To Meet Raquan Smith.
Star-Wait ! Do I Remember You ?
RayRay-I Think…….
Star-(Gasps) Aco-Buddy !
RayRay-(Gasps) Brown-Haired Dolly !
(They Both Hug)
Keisha-So…I Guess Yall Know Eachother !
Star & Ray-Yep !
Keisha-Anyways,Star Meet Craig Crippen .
Star-Aah ! Bro !
Prodigy-Sis !
(They Both Hug)
Keisha-Star,Meet Chreshanto August.
Star-Aah ! Roc !
Roc Royal- Starry !
(They Both Hug)
Keisha-Ok…So You Know Everyone ?
Keisha-(Laughs) Ok So,Star…Meet Jacob Perez .
Keisha-Star ? Aren’t You Gonna Gre(Gco By Raiin)
Star-Ugh ! Keisha ! Wait A Min Please !
(Goes To Bahja And Raiin )
Bahja-MOM !! Somethings Wrong With Raiin !
Star-She’s Hungry ! Here (Hands Her The Bottle) Feed Her Please ?
Bahja-Sure Mom !
Star-Thank You Honey !
(Then She Goes Back With The Rest)
Star-Sorry Bout That ! My Daughter,Raiin,Was Juss Hungry !
Keisha-No Prob. Meanwhile , Everyone Get Along !
(Then Keisha Leaves)
Roc Royal-So…..Hello Star !
Star-Hi Roc !
Roc Royal-Im So Happy To See You !
Star-Me Too !
Princeton-Star,Can We Talk?
(Then They Go To The Corner Of The Studio)
Star-Ugh ! You Got 15 Minutes !
Princeton-Star….Are That My Daughters ? (Points At Raiin And Bahja)
Star-…………Bahja Is YOUR Daughter,But Raiin Isn’t !
Princeton-Then……Who’s Raiin Father ?
Star-Her Father Is Jacob Latimore .
Princeton-So…Jacob L. Is Your 2nd Baby Daddy ?
Star-Yeah ! And He’s The Love Of My Life !
Princeton-(Gets Closer To Her) Are You Sure ?
Star-(Backing Back) Um…Ye-Yea .
Princeton-Are You Really Sure ?
Star-(Backing Back But Hits The Wall) (Thinks:Sh/it)
Star-Um….I-I Don’t Know .
(Know There Like This -→ <—— But Really But Really Close !)
Princeton-Why Didn’t You Tell Me That Bahja Is My Daughter ?
Star-(Loud Heavy Sigh) Cause You Didn’t Want Anything With Me AND The Baby !
Princeton-I Was Stupid At That Time. I Was Just A Kid.
Star-Me Too Princeton ! You Know How I Suffered Of 12 Hours Of Labor?!?!
You Weren’t There When It Was Her First Birthday ! You Weren’t Even There When Bahja Graduated From Pre-Kinder ! You Weren’t Even There When She Was Barely Being Teached To Walk For The First Time In Her Whole Life ! That’s Why I Didn’t Want My Child To Meet Her Father ! I Told Her That You Didn’t Want Anything To Do With Her !Now Bahja Hates You With All Her Heart ! Sometimes She Asks Me How Your Love Will Feel Like (Crying Hard) You Didn’t Even Have A Great Bonding With Her For The Past 13 Years Jacob ! (Crying) Your The Most Terrible Father Every Kid In The World Can Have ! Besides , Bahja Has Her Own Father To Care And Love,Jacob Latimore,Jacob ! Bahja Would Ask Me When She Was Five How Would Her Father’s Love Will Feel Like Or How Will Her Daddy Would Look Like ! (Crying) And My Parents Decided To Help Me Out When I Told Me That You Left Me Cause I Was Preggo Wit Your Eggo,Jacob ! You Don’t Know How Everything Would Be Like If You Told Bahja That Your Her Father ! That’s Why I Suffered A Lot With Bahja When The Day She Was Born ! So Know …. I Don’t Want You To Tell OUR Child That YOUR Her Father ! I Even Got Raped When I Was 14! And I Was Preggo But I Aborted ! And Then I Found You ….. And We Made Little Bahja ! Now That’s The Reason I Suffer A Lot ! (Crying) ! You Don’t Know How It Feels To Suffer A Lot !
Princeton-(Speechless) I……..I Di-dn’t Know Bout That Star ! Can You Forgive M(Gco)
??-Princeton ! Were Here ! Your Son Want’s To Visit You !
` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ``
STOP IT RIGHT THERE ! LOL ! I Need A Girl For Prince’s Wifey !
Bad Chick Or Stubborn Chick
How Many

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