What Happened?

Chapter 43 of ******************Love Story

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Before I begin I just want to give THE BIGGEST SHOUTOUT IN THE FREAKEN WORLD to xMindless_JT and enjoi!! You two are like the BEST readers ever. You’re amazing! K, back to the story

Roc: I guess Prince and Jailee’s day didnt go so great.
Kia: I’m thinking the same thing..
Roc:I wonder what happened..
Kia: Idk, but she sounded like she was about to cry.

They hear the door slam open and shut then they hear Prince shoutin after Jailee

Prince: Jailee!! I’m telling you its okay! Please don’t be mad!!??
Jailee: ITS NOT OKAY!! DO U HEAR ME JACOB?! ITS..NOT..OKAY!!! (runs to her room and locks the door)
Kia: Prince come in here for a minute.
Prince: (goes to Kia’s room) Wassup?
Kia: Dont play with me. U know why we called u in here.
Prince: She’s mad.
Roc: Obviously. What we wanna know is why.
Prince: My mom hates her.
Kia: Who could hate Jailee?
Prince: I hated her.
Kia: But then u got to know her.
Prince: And thats what my mom refused to do.
Kia: Imma go get Jai. I’ll be right back.
Roc & Prince: Ok
Kia: (goes to Jailee’s door and kicks it open)
Jailee: Dont u and Trinity know how to knock? Yall are always kicking in somebody’s door.
Kia: Its just easier that way.
Jailee: Whatever. What do u want?
Kia: For you to come to my room so we can work out your issues?
Jailee: My issues are already worked out. Prince’s mom hates me and she’s gonna make him break up with me. See? All solved.
Kia: Ugh.. Just shut up. (grabs Jailee by the arm and pulls her back to her room)
Prince: Jai.. (runs to her and starts hugging her) Im sorry. Im sorry my mom acted like that. Please dont hate me.
Jailee: Its okay Prince, but we both know you’re gonna dump me so just take it easy on the affection.
Prince: Wh-What?
Kia: Okay. Jailee u need to stop.
Roc: Seriously, do u really think he’s gonna break up with u?
Jailee: Yes.
Kia: Jai..
Jailee: No..
Kia: Then why are u acting like this?
Jailee: Bcuz.. bcuz.. i dont know.
Roc: Then apologize and get out so me and Kia can resume our perfect day.
Jailee: Im sorry Prince. I wasnt trying to hurt u. I was trying to avoid u hurting me.
Prince: I would never hurt you Jai. I love you.
Jailee: I love you too.
Prince: (picks her up bridal style and carries her to his room)
Kia: Thats so sweet.
Roc: I can be sweet. Actually, i can be more than sweet.
Kia: What do u mean by that?
Roc: I can show u better than I can tell u.
Kia: I think I like the sound of that.
Roc: (throws her on the bed and they, well, you know..)

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