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Chapter 3 of Visions

Katt3636 by Katt3636

I went back home were my perents were waiting to give me another surprise well 2 surprises. One of them was a text from the audition place i got the lead roll playing samantha barns, i was so happy. The second surprise was a house of my very own right around the corner of were we would be shooting the movie, so i packed up all of my stuff and went to the store buying pots, pans, forkes, spoons, knives, etc. I went to the house unpacked the food, dishes, and my stuff. I called my three besties there names were yesinia, jasmyne, and zoe they all said yes. They came unpacked there stuff into there seprerate rooms. Yesinia had gotten a coutch and lamp, j gotten a flat screen tv, and zoe had gotten a coffe machine and microave. It finally complete but one thing this was the thing i was most scared of telling them i have visions now. “Hey guys” i said they came we all sat down on the coutch.

Me Lizzy; ok so are you guys moved in

All; yeah

Me lizzy; i have something to tell you guys

All; well what is it

Me lizzy; we all have to get jobs to help pay bills around here but scince we own the house we dont have to pay things like rent and stuff, but before we do that lets go get starbucks.

All; agreed

I lied to them i didn’t tell them that i have visions cause i don’t know if there all the time if they are i will tell them……

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