Where Is my girlfriend?

Chapter 8 of He Changed My Life(A PRINCETON LOVE STORY)

Princeton_future_wifey by Princeton_future_wifey

Prince’s POV

I spend over 4hrs lookin for Destiny the love of my life and I haven’t found her yet I’ve decided to go over to Mindy’s house to see if she was there

End of POV

Mindy-opens the door Prince what r u doin here don’t u have date wit Destiy?

Prince-Yea well I think I do She ran off*gco*

Mindy’wat do u mean she ran off*shouts and gettin worried*

Prince-well I told her I’m mivin to LA for a music group and she just ran off cryin. I ran after her but I couldn’t find her that’s why I came here*eyes get’s watery*

Mindy-awww Prince have u tried callin her?

Prince-Yea but she didn’t answer my calls or my texts

Mindy-Ok let’s wait into tomorrow or u go check her house nd I’ll car her nd tell u wat happened

Prince-Ight peace

Mindy’s POV

I’ve called Destiny but she didn’t answer me or my texts now I’m getting scared. What if somethin happened to her? I cnt let dat happened

End of POV

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